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Amazon finally announced Prime Day after postponing it earlier due to all the pandemic craziness.  So I m very excited to announce that

Amazon Prime Day is on October 13-14, 2020!

But what is Prime Day and who can shop all these amazing deals? Let's take a look:

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon's annual Sale. This event normally occurs in July but with COVID 19 it was pushed to October 13-14th this year.

Who can purchase Prime Day deals?

Prime Day Deals can only be used by Amazon Prime members! But don't sweat it. Simply get your 30 days free Amazon Prime trial and use it for all the great offers on those days! Simply click on the banner below to start your free trial!

What can we expect on Prime Day?

Sadly the actual deals are not released ahead of time! Prime Day is usually always big on electronics but I m sure there will be something for everyone to find. Here is what prime members loved in 2019. Some of the most purchased items last year were: Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and Avocados. My favorite founds were my new Instant Pot and an Amazon Fire for the go.


Since it is already October I will definitely get started with my holiday shopping early this year. Over the next couple of days, I will start making a shopping list with items to check for on Prime Day. Be prepared Amazon will feature more than one million deals globally, and they move fast.


  • Set up an Amazon Prime account prior to Prime Day. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial!

  • Make a wish list with a must-have section

  • If you see a great deal prior to Prime Day buy it. In the past most likely the price doesn't drop lower in Prime Day Deal Week.

  • Cart "maybe items" immediately, debate later. You still have 15minutes to do so.

  • If your item is not available anymore take advantage of the waitlist. You might get lucky!


Support Small Business Deal

Prior to Prime Day Amazon has a great promotion to support small businesses. In the U.S., Japan, and select European countries, Prime Members who spend $10 on qualified products from the small businesses featured through Amazon Storefronts between September 28, 2020, and October 12, 2020, will earn a $10 credit to spend on Prime Day. Be aware this exclusive offer is also for Prime Members only and restrictions apply.

Did you know that students, EBT, and Medicaid Cardholder get 50% off Prime under certain conditions? Click on the banner to your right and find out more about it!

But don't worry, I know Prime Day can be overwhelming. Just check back here, I will make sure to post some of my favorite family finds here and via newsletter. So make sure you subscribe below and get all these amazing deals first!

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