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10 Stocking Stuffers for Girls under 10 Dollar

Stocking stuffer ideas

10 Stocking Stuffers for Girls under 10 Dollar

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Christmas time is coming and with it one of my favorite Christmas traditions, Christmas stockings. Here are 10+ stocking stuffer ideas for girls under 10 dollars! Let's take a look.

In this article I will keep it to the topic and avoid questions like what is a stocking, where does the Christmas tradition come from, or what ar traditional stocking stuffer? Instead, I want to focus on showing you 10 + good ideas for stocking stuffers for girls. It will contain little toys for big girls and toddlers as well!

The holiday season is around the corner and I have to admit, I like to plan ahead. There are 3 simple reasons for that:

  1. to safe money

  2. to avoid last-minute stress

  3. not to forget anything

We have three beautiful little tigers and so many different Christmas traditions from two different cultures we don't want them to miss out on. Therefore the holidays can be a very expensive season for us quickly.

But the good news is, not everything has to be expensive to bring joy to your children's life. Here my advice, try to stay with stocking stuffers under 10 dollars and take advantage of sales and good deals in advance.

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My goal for stocking stuffers is to find items in the following 3 categories:

  1. something fun

  2. something to read

  3. something to share

Then I add one or two other traditional stocking stuffers to it like fruit, coins, or candy.

As mentioned earlier I have three children, two boys, and one girl. All of them are unique and special in their own way. Never the less when it comes to toys they all fit in this typical cliche. The boys prefer cars, trains, things to adventure while my girl likes to color, look pretty, and play with horses and dolls.

Therefore I started to make a list in advance for each gender. Here is what is my stocking stuffer list for girls. I hope it inspires you!

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Melissa and Dough's scratch art is the perfect activity for cold miserable days. Something different then just coloring is always fun!

Try this fun educational game, it can be quite tricky and is geared toward older kids.

Try this fun invisible inks, it is not just for boys, my girl loves them as well. She writes little notes for me, it is very cute!

Classic game "Simon" perfect size for on the go. Its small size makes it fit easily in your purse.

Super Z keeps them calm and helps them unwire if needed.

Flying wind up butterflies are so much fun!

To come back to something useful, these middens will keep them warm but let them use their fingers as well.

Another fun card game "Smack it" perfect for the next fun family game night. No better way to spend more quality time together.

My girl loves to color, time for some new twistable Crayolas.

If they need to work some more on their motor skills, try Jenga.

We use this fun hand shadow book to create little shadow puppet shows. So much fun!

Jewelry is never a miss with my girl especially when it is pink.

Some more scratch art for on the go.

Try to crack some riddles with your older children. Plus you can enjoy them too.

Time to look good in any circumstances. Super cool lip smackers.

Time to craft bracelets.

A new untangle hairbrush anyone?

This workbook is perfect to work on your toddler's scissor skills.

Unicorn coloring book for unicorn obsessed girls!

Lets practice handwriting with help of unicorns of course.

New fun colorful hairbands are always a good Christmas stock stuffer.

More unicorn fun. Take a look at this super cute booklet.

Beautiful animal pattern hairclips. Your little princess will love them.

We love to puzzle, try this super cute Disney Minnie Mouse puzzle.

And finally, something to read. We love this classic "How the grinch stole Christmas". ,


  • To avoid all the stress around the holidays I start collecting little items for our advent calendar and Christmas stockings early in the fall time. Especially most of the time when I m looking for something specific I can never find it when in need and two weeks later or earlier it appears.

  • Also, a good place for little goodies and items is the 1-5 dollar section at Target, the Dollar Store, or 5 Below.

Things really don't have to be expensive to bring joy and fun to your children's hearts. Every year I try my best to remind them what the holiday season is really about and how fortunate we are. Of course, it does not always work but that's what parenting is about, trying your best to make your children a better version of yourself! By that being said Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

I hope my girls Christmas stocking stuffer ideas were useful to you. Don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you like to buy as stocking stuffer materials. I love to hear from you!

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