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Changing Leaves Activity for Kids

Updated: Sep 21

Fall Activity

Exploring Changing Leaves

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Hi everyone! Firstly I just want to say thank you to Suzanne from @liltigers for reaching out and for giving me the opportunity to share our educational page - BRIGHT LITTLE BRAINS!

I started Bright Little Brains as a stay at home mom. Being a teacher by profession I just knew I had to turn to what I know best—and that is to educate mainly focused on learning through play.

I started sharing our play activities and are so grateful for the support, positive feedback, and seeing how our activities come to life by so many followers!

Today we are sharing a seasonal activity...exploring how leaves change color! We love our walks around the neighborhood and it was so remarkable to see how many leaves are starting to change color already.

This awakened so many questions from curious Elon... so I decided to set up a sensory table filled with many opportunities for an invitation to explore and learn.

A SENSORY TABLE has multiple benefits for kids! It’s meant to encourage them to explore by using their senses for experimenting with all the different open-ended items and play activities presented according to a specific theme.

How to prepare a themed sensory table:

  1. Gather materials according to the theme for exploration. I always try to focus on different textures by adding some loose parts.

  2. Do research about the theme.

  3. Remember to keep all items and different activities age-appropriate.

  4. Adding educational resources like worksheets and books are always a great idea to expand their interest in extended learn and playtime.

  5. Guide them through each play. Having so many different items can sometimes be distracting so it is important to guide them through each one.

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Leaves Experiment:

Here is what you will need for this fun fall STEM experiment:


  • leaves

  • rubbing alcohol

  • glass jars

Now here is the full step by step tutorial for this amazing science experiment:


Step 1: Collect leaves

  • Collect some leaves during a LEAF HUNT.

Step 2: Sort by color

  • Sort it into YELLOW (Gamboge), GREEN, and PURPLE/RED (Crimson) containers by color.

Step 3: Tore apart

  • Torn into pieces (the smaller the better) cover with rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: Mash the leave pieces

  • Mash it every hour or so to break the color down.

Step 5: Leave overnight

  • Leave it overnight to reveal the best color.

Step 6: Observe and learn

  • Discuss the process and how due to the lack of sunlight, the leaves go into a resting state and then use the glucose they stored during summer to live from. As they shut down for the winter the chlorophyll disappears and autumn colors start to appear. After we explored the different colors Elon used the leave dye to paint a falling leaves picture. This is great for some autumn process art activities!

Elon was part of this process from the start which helped by building excitement to explore more!

(We sometimes tend to not included them in the preparations of activities but it is just as important for them to be part of the whole process. They can make some great observations being part of setups from beginning to end).

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Fall Craft

Revealing Leaves

We also made use of a fun revealing leaves worksheet from Gift of Curiosity. The free printable can be found here. You will also need the following items.


  • free printable

  • scissor

  • contact paper

  • green washable marker

  • cotton pad

Let us take a look now at the instruction of this easy fall activity:


Step 1: Print worksheets

Print the free worksheet

Step 2: Prepare the printables

Cut the leaves out and cover with contact paper

Step 3: Color the leaves

Use a green washable marker to color each leave

Step 4: Wipe it down

Take a cotton pad to wipe the green off...a new autumn color leaf will appear!

This is such a great hands-on activity to visually explore the changing colors of the leaves!

Fall Leaves Lacing:


  • free printable

  • shoelaces, rope, ribbons or yarn

I added some fall leaves for Elon to practice fine motor skills with lacing. These leaves are also free printables from @giftofcuriosity

You can make use of rope, ribbons, or yarn to do some lacing!

Lacing is great for developing hand-eye coordination!

About the Author

This guest post was written by Rozanne Steyn.

Rozanne is a qualified kindergarten, elementary school, and drama teacher with 12 years of experience. She made a career shift and managed 2 schools as a former Academic Head at a Distance Learning College.

Even though she loved the change as it presented me with personal and professional growth she started missing the typical classroom setting in front of the students. So, she returned back to the ‘writing’ board and loved her time working as a teacher at an international school and later on at a private school!

Now, she loves being a stay-at-home-mom educating my kids with fun learning through play activities! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bright-Little-Brains-110381064009801/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bright_little_brains/

I hope you enjoyed Rozannes amazing autumn activities as much as my kids and I did. Don't forget to let me know whether your kids liked it. Leave a comment below and add a picture. I love to hear from you!
Stay safe Lil Tigers! 

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