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Easy DIY Paper Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Activity

Easy Flame Free DIY Halloween Luminaries

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Are you obsessed with luminaries around the holidays? Then try this fun flame-free DIY Halloween luminaries. All you need is a black marker, white paper lunch bags, and flameless tea lights.

The days are getting shorter and it is getting cold and miserable outside. We already started the fireplace to keep us warm and its time to get into the holiday mood. For each season we love to look for new craft ideas for kids to decorate the house. Especially everything with lights is a hit during this time a year.

Of course, we are always craving pumpkins for Halloween and decorate them on our front porch but this time we actually were looking for a creative Halloween window decoration. This is when we came across this easy paper Halloween luminaries and I thought we give it a try.

What I like most about this super easy DIY Halloween luminaries is that they are kids and pets safe. Nothing worse than to worry about open flames with a small toddler or pet in the house. But surely not with this activity.

Another big bonus of this Halloween papercraft is that they are not only cute but also one of the simplest easy craft projects for kids on my blog.

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But let's at take a look at what we will need for this fun Ghost Halloween luminaries:


  • black marker

  • white paper lunch bags

  • flameless tealights

The instruction is super easy. Let's take a look at the full step by step tutorial now.


Step 1: Let's create ghosts

  • Start by drawing ghost faces on your white paper lunch bags with a black marker. We did silly, happy, sad, scary, goofy faces, etc.

Step 2: Let's light the DIY ghost luminaries

  • After you are done drawing your ghost faces simply drop your flameless tealight into the bag.

Step 3: Time to decorate

  • This was super fast wasn't it? After drawing your faces and placing a light into your ghost lunch bag it is time to decorate them together.

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There are several tips I came across while doing this fun Halloween activity with my kids. Here is what I like to share with you all.


  • This activity is perfect for all age groups. Big kids are already able to manage drawing their own faces while toddlers still might help. Simply draw the outlines for them and let them color them. My young toddler on the other hand is not even able to color inside of the outlines yet but that doesn't mean he can't have fun yet either. He just simply draw what he was capable of. Here is what my 4-year daughter and 2-year-old son made instead.

  • After painting faces on your lunch bag give them some time to try in order to avoid ruining the drawing.

  • Make sure to use washable colors while working with toddlers

  • If you like to place them in your window, draw the faces on both sides. that way they can be seen from outside and from your kids in the room at the same time. If that's not the case make sure to color the faces on the side without the clue line of the bag.

  • This craft is easier if you buy lunch bags with a pre-folded bottom. Mine sadly didn't have that and I had to fold them myself. I had to be really careful not to smash the paper.

  • By flameless tealights with a timer that way you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn them off and running out of batterie

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Each time we do arts and crafts I m impressed how creative children can be and how easily they manage to change activities up and make new ones out of it. This time my kids came up with the following ideas to change this activity up easily.

  • Instead of making Halloween luminariesdecided out of the ghosts my daughter desided to use the lunch bags to make hand puppets out of it and started a theater show for me

  • Instead of decorating the window,brother's my son placed extra ghost lights on both sides of the staircase.

  • My daughter placed some of her Halloween lights in her baby brothers room as a night light.

  • My older son wants to use the ghost lunch bags as trick or treat bags and goody bags for his upcoming birthday party.

Overall my kids really enjoyed this Halloween activity and I can only recommend it to families with smaller children. It is super fun and easy even with little once. Each time my children see their luminaries now at night it makes them smiles and that what my arts and crafts projects are all about, making my kids happy! With that note, happy Halloween crafting!

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Halloween luminaty craft project with your kids. Don't forget to leave a comment below and add a picture to let me know how your kids liked it. I love to hear from you!

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