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Updated: Sep 30

Outdoor Activities

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to do a quick round-up with all the fun summer activities for kids I created over the last couple of months. This way you can find everything in one place and save time!

Never the less there are so many other nice things to explore on this blog from science activities to kids friendly recipes. Go and check it out afterward!

Please note that all the step by step tutorials, recipes, descriptions, and printables can be found by clicking on the projects name. It will lead you directly to the instructions!

For now, I hope these summer activities will bring some joy to your house and help against the boredom of summer. Enjoy!

1. DIY Foil Stream

Social distancing is still going on and you can't or don't like to go anywhere? No problem, this DIY project will entertain your children the whole afternoon. All you need is foil and a couple of stones from your yard. The kids will be excited to play with their own DIY Foil Stream!

Recommended age: 3 and up

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2. Jurassic World

This toddler-friendly activity is perfect for all sensory play lovers, especially on warmer days. Instead of dinosaurs, you can use any type of toy your children like. Or even make a car wash activity out of it. Get dirty toys, make a bucket full of foam, and an extra bowl with warm clean water to wash them off afterward. There are endless opportunities for this fun kid activity!

3. Shadow Play

Do you like to switch things up in your house a little bit? Then try this fun chalk activity. Especially when your children like to draw. All you need is chalks and the sun to have some fun!

This outside activity for kids is recommended for two or more children to play together.

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4. Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

It is hot outside and your children like an ice-cold treat? Try this homemade strawberry popsicle!

My kids like to eat ice cream every day. Therefore I started making my own ice cream. Maybe you even have strawberries in your garden or any other type of berry. Perfect let's give it a try, the kids will love it.

5. Summer Homework

Summer Homework can be fun! Try this kid's friendly inspirations for wild children to have some summer break fun!

6. Water Balloon Fun

Your kids are getting bored and running out of ideas to entertain themselves? These three water balloon activities are a fun new way to enjoy the hot summer together. Especially when they like to play with water. Those are the perfect outdoor activities for summer lovers!

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7. Summer Bucket List

The summer can be long, try this free printable summer bucket list full with 99 activities to do this summer. It is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together before school starts back up. Give it a try and get your printable.

8. Fruit Sparkler

Even though its hot outside my kids are hungry all day long. For our family bbq, we made this special fruit sparkler watermelon treats. The kids even could help me prepare everything. Don't forget to cool the watermelon prior to serving. It tastes so much better when they are cold!

9. 20+ Best Summer Activities for Kids

Do you still need new ideas on how to entertain your children this summer? Try these awesome summer activities from my round-up. From Arts and crafts, DIY projects to science experiments for different age groups you can find everything in this post. Take a look and get inspired!

10. Ice Cream Party Idea

Another nice summer treat is this easy ice cream bar idea for any get-together. It is super easy to prepare but will have everyone talk about it afterward. It can be combined in 100 different ways to adjust it perfectly to your guests and needs. We had it the first time for my son's birthday party and it was a full success especially for the kids.

We actually made it to our theme and had an ice cream birthday party! He loved it!


I m trying to remember which activity my kids liked best to give you a tip where to start but it is hard to remember with all these fun activities to choose from. All are unique and it all depends on your children's age and preferences. My kids definitely enjoyed all of the water activities since we love to go outside.

I personally like projects in general with a short material list and which are easy to set up since I have 3 kids and always one gets impatient.

There definitely should be an activity for every child to find no matter which age they have. If it is an easy arts and crafts project, science experiment, stem activity, or a summer treat to enjoy. I truly hope my ideas will inspire you and help against the boredom of the summer and make life easier for you.

Us parents should definitely stick together!

But never the less don't forget to take a break and think about yourself for a minute too. You deserve it!

I hope you like all these cool activities for your children as much as I do. Don't forget to let me which one was your favorite. Leave a comment below and add a picture. I love to hear from you!

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