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Summer Bucket List for Kids

Updated: Nov 15

99 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

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Its summer! Don't let this pandemic and lockdown prevent your family from having the most adventures fun this summer!

But what is a summer bucket list?

It is a list of fun activities, experiences, and projects you want to achieve this summer.

Bucket lists help your family overcome the boredom of summer break. They help you empower your kids to plan their own fun crafts, easy activities, and cool experiments. Conquer new adventures as a family and spend quality time together.

A summer bucket list is just a simple way of getting new ideas and inspiration for your children.

Here are some summer bucket list ideas for you and your kids to accomplish together. Don't forget to get your full free printable off 99 fun things to do this summer here. Your kids will love them!

Quick note, I made sure all activities are pandemic proved and you are able to do them in a safe environment while social distancing!

1. Take a family photo and frame it

2. Start a summer journal

3. Have a backyard party with your closest family. This summer nobody can have a huge party with all your friends. But it shouldn't hold you back from having a good time without screen time.

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4. Visit a new place. Even though you can't travel far this summer, there are so many wonderful places close by to explore. It will be a nice change of scenery for everyone.

5. Have a picnic in the garden

6. Do a scavenger hunt. There are so many different options out for fun scavenger hunts. We personally like this night walk scavenger hunt from Beary Sweet Home. Go and get your free printable here.

7. Camp in your backyard

8. Make a bonfire

9. Eat smores till they make you sick

This might be interesting for you too: 
- Fruit Sparkler 
- Sherbet Steam Experiment
- Colored Rice Recipe

10. Build your own raft and see if it can swim in a stream or lake. Just make sure to supervise your children while playing with water.

11. Lay outside to stargaze and look at constellations

12. Go for a night walk with flashlights

13. Play flashlight tag

14. Catch fireflies

15. Watch the sunrise

16. Get wet and play with water balloons. Here some creative fun activity ideas you might not have thought of.

17. Build your own foil river. Take a look at the step by step instruction here.

18. Make a nature project.

Go for a walk and collect items on the way or while doing your outside scavenger hunt. Flowers, stones or rocks, sticks, pinecones, whatever you can find.

Use these collectibles afterward to make your own nature project. You might end up painting rocks or do another arts and craft project with them. Just be creative or let your children decide what they want to do.

You also will be amazed at how your kids will enjoy their walk when they have a purpose while going along!

19. Did you paint with eggshells yet? Give this DIY project a try. Your kids will love their beautiful piece of art. See here how-to.

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20. Have some chalk fun and try this shadow play. You won't need much, just a box full of chalks and the sun!

20. Lay in a hammock and look at clouds.

21. Make your own ice cream. Here a delicious homemade strawberry popsicle recipe.

22. Do your kids love crafts? Then grow your own rainbow. See the instructions and be amazed at how easy this craft is.

23. Try a new science experiment. My kids loved this dancing grape STEAM experiment. Give it a try.

24. Make your own play-dough. This recipe is toddler-safe and it's the perfect activity to work on these fine motor skills.

25. Make a summer crafting project. Try one of these 20+ easy craft ideas for kids or try this DIY nail art project. Take a look here!

26. Bake a cake. Let your children be mommy's little helpers. They will enjoy the quality time with you and the delicious cake afterward. Maybe you can even make a tea party afterward or use it for your picnic in the garden.

27. Make your own finger paint and use it. Finger paint is really expensive in stores but super easy and cheap to make by yourself.

28. Did you make your own coke volcano yet? See how easy it is! Use the opportunity to teach your children about volcanos at the same time!

29. Simply let your children color. Give them paper and pencils or use a canvas or paper plates. Be amazed at how creative they can be.

30. Be wild, my child!

I hope these ideas help your children to overcome the boredom summer break can bring especially during social distancing.

Whatever you do, please stay safe and make sure to follow the pandemic regulations!

Please comment below and let me know how you liked your summer bucket list with all these cool fun activities for your family and kids. I would love to see a picture of your arts and crafts, experiments, activities, and adventures you went on!

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