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Toothbrush Spray Art for Kids

Updated: Nov 15


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Father's day is coming up, and with a toddler, in the house, I needed some fun, simple idea for father's day card.

👉 MATERIALS: - toothbrush - watercolors - paper - pencil - scissor - cup of water

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✍ INSTRUCTION: - draw the preferred shape on a piece of paper then cut it out. - take a second piece of paper and fold it in half for the card. - place the cut shape in the preferred place on the card - take an old toothbrush dip it in water than in the color - move your finger along the brush to spray the color on the sheet - make sure the outline of your shape is covered well with the color - after finishing remove carefully the shape from your card

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💬 TIP: - this craft is great for recycling old toothbrushes - it's a lot of fun for the kids but be aware of it's messy!

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