130 Best Bunny Quotes for Kids

Sweet Bunny Sayings – “No bunny compares to you!” – “Some bunny loves you, and that bunny’s me.” – “You are some bunny special.” – “Keep calm and love bunnies.”

Cute Bunny Quotes for Kids – “Hop hop little bunny with you in our life every day is sunny.” – Unknown – “No bunny loves you as I do.” – “Some bunny loves me.” – “The ears are the best part.”

Short Bunny Quotes – “Rabbits are like human beings in many ways.” – “My puns are very bunny.” – “Bunnies are so cute!” – “The cuteness of our bunnies makes them so easy to love.”

Quotes about Bunnies – “I found some bunny to love.” – “Don’t worry, be hoppy.” – “My bunny has more personality than most people I know.” – “Bunnies are furry, adorable, and full of love. They look so soft that you want to cuddle them as soon as possible.”

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