Snowman Jokes

Snowman Jokes

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Best Snowmen Jokes for Kids

– What is a snowman’s favorite drink? Ice tea! – Why did the snowman turn yellow? Ask the dog. – What does a snowman put on his face at night? Cold cream. – Why didn’t the snowman go to the party? He had snowone to go with!

Clean Snowman Jokes

– What do you call a snowman’s dog? A slush puppy! – What do you call a snowman with a cup of tea? Melted! – Where do snowmen get the weather report? The Winternet. – What did one snowman say to the other? Do you smell carrots?

Snowman One Liners

– There’s snowman better for me. – Everyone teased the snowman about his pointy nose. Fortunately, he didn’t carrot at all! – Snowmen allowed. – There is snow place like home! – One snowman said to another “I’d heard that carrots are very good for your eyes, but all I can see are carrots!”.

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