45 Fun Summer Camp Jokes for Kids

Best Summer Camp Jokes for Kids – Do fish go to summer camp? No, because they are always in school! – Where do sharks go to summer camp? Finland! – What do you call a bear at summer camp? A “camping paw”! – What did the bee say to the flower at summer camp? “Let’s bee friends!”

Jokes About Summer Camp – Why did the summer camper always carry a map? Because they didn’t want to get “tented” in the wrong direction! – What’s a summer camper’s favorite kind of math? “Camp-utations”! – How do you catch a squirrel at summer camp? Climb a tree and act like a nut!

Funny Summer Camp Jokes for Kids – Why did the sun go to summer camp? Because it needed to “ray-lax” and have a sunny time! – How do trees get online during summer camp? They log in! – What did one tent say to the other tent at summer camp? “I’ve got you covered!”

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