New Years Resolution Game

How to make a  New Year Resolution  for Kids

– Keep it positive – Lead by example – Celebrate achievements in the year just gone – Look to the future

– Allow them to decide on their New Year resolution – Ask them to choose their top New Year resolution – Help your child to design a path to reaching their goals – Following up on the progress

How Can We Make a New Year Resolution Fun?

Try our  New Year’s Eve Countdown Bag Game


– Step 1: First, you need to decide what time to start your game. – Step 2: Next, you need some bags. – Step 3: Fill the bags

– 6 pm: Fill the bag with multicolored pipe cleaners. – 7 pm: Time to focus on those resolutions! – 8 pm: Treasure hunt time! – 9 pm: Put some glow-in-the-dark bracelets and spinning tops in this bag. – 10 pm: Time for some music. – 11 pm: How about a game of Would You Rather? – 12 pm: It’s midnight!

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