85 Watermelon Quotes for Kids

Watermelon Sayings for Kids – “When life gives you watermelons, make a big, juicy smile!” – Unknown – “Watermelons are like summer’s sweetest kisses.” – Unknown – “Seeds of happiness grow in the watermelon patch.” – Unknown – “Be cool and well hydrated like a chilled watermelon.” – Unknown

Sweet Watermelon Quotes – “Watermelon – nature’s juicy delight, refreshing and sweet, a perfect summer treat.” – Unknown – “The taste of a ripe watermelon is like a burst of sunshine on a hot summer day.” – Unknown – “Juicy, red, and oh-so-sweet, watermelon is a summer symphony you can eat.” – Unknown

Short Watermelon Quotes – “Juicy bliss, a summer’s kiss.” – Unknown – “Life is sweeter with a slice of watermelon.” – Unknown – “When life hands you watermelons, grab a knife and make a feast.” – Unknown – “Watermelon please.” – Unknown

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