DIY Snowman Luminaries

Luminaries Supply List

– markers – white paper lunch bags – flameless tealights

Snowman Luminary Instruction

Step 1: Let’s create snowmen – Start by drawing a snowman on your white paper lunch bags with a black marker. Make sure to color on the side without the paper bag glue line for a better result.

Step 2: Let’s light the DIY snowman luminaries – After you are done drawing your snowmen simply drop your flame-less tealight into the bag.

Step 3: Time to decorate – This was super fast, wasn’t it? After drawing your faces and placing a light into your snowmen lunch bag it is time to decorate them together.

Tips: – This activity is perfect for all age groups. Big kids are already able to manage drawing their own snowmen while toddlers still might help. Simply draw their outlines and let them color the inside. – Make sure to use washable colors while working with toddlers. – After painting snowmen on your lunch bags give them some time to try.

– If you like to place them in your window, draw on both sides of your paper bags. That way they can be enjoyed from the outside and inside at the same time. – This craft is easier if you buy lunch bags with a pre-folded bottom. Mine sadly weren’t and I had to do it myself. Lunch bags are delicate and I had to be really careful not to smash the paper. – Buy flame-less LED tealights with a timer. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off and running out of batteries.

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