50 Best Fireflies Quotes and Sayings

Jokes about Fireflies – How do fireflies start a race? They say, “On your mark, get set, glow!” – What do fireflies do when they need a ride? They call a “light” cab! – What do you call a firefly that doesn’t know any jokes? A glow-getter! – How do fireflies start a party? They “spark” it up!

Clean Firefly Jokes for Kids – Why was Momma Firefly so sad? The children were not very bright. – What did the firefly say to her friend for encouragement? “You glow, girl!” – How are fireflies eco-friendly? They glow green. – Why did the spider eat the firefly? It wanted a “light” snack.

Fun Firefly Puns for Kids – How do fireflies greet each other? They say, “Light to see you!” – Why did the firefly bring a flashlight to school? To make sure it was “spot-on” in illuminating knowledge! – What do you call a firefly with no light? A “dim”-bulb bug! – How do fireflies make new friends? They “light” up the room with their charm!

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