50 Best Fireflies Quotes and Sayings

Fireflies Sayings – “Fireflies are whispering messengers of the nights.” – Unknown – “Fireflies are stars that could not journey to the sky.” – Michael Bassey Johnson – “Every blink of a firefly’s light says… BELIEVE” – Unknown – “We come and go like the blink of a firefly. Make sure you are as bright as one too.” – Unknown

Catching Fireflies Quotes – “Catching fireflies is like capturing the magic of summer nights in a jar.” – Unknown – “In the pursuit of fireflies, we find a childlike joy that reconnects us with the wonder of nature.” – Diane Ackerman – “When you catch a firefly, you hold a tiny piece of enchantment in your hands.” – Avijeet Das

Lightening Bug Quotes – “Time to catch lightning bugs. Get your mason jar, everyone.” – “Cute as a bug.” – Unknown – “Enjoy the little things.” – Unknown – “Like a firefly in the dark, your light shines brightest when surrounded by darkness.” – Jennifer Williamson

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