Free Printable Mitten Templates for  Winter Crafts

Winter Mitten Materials

– Paper (plain or colored) – Printer – Printout your mitten template pdf – Scissors – Coloring materials of your choice (ex: pencils, crayons, markers, paint, watercolor, etc.) – Embellishments of your choice (ex: glitter, stickers, cotton balls, etc.) – String (optional)

Winter Mitten Craft Instructions

Step 1: Download Free Printable Mittens Template Step 2: Decorate Your Winter Mittens

Step 4: Hole Punch & Attach String (optional)

Step 5: Hang Winter Mittens Garland

Different Ways to Decorate Mitten Craft

Craft Methods and Techniques to Try – Paint – Crayon wax resist with watercolor – Flat tissue paper – Tissue paper balls

Water Resistant Technique

Tissue Paper

Embellishments to Try – Colored construction paper – Pom pom balls – Cotton balls – Stickers (flat, 3d, or foam) – Sequins – Glitter

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