55 Best Groundhog Day Quotes for Kids - Happy Groundhog Day Quotes - Funny Quotes for Groundhog Day - Happy Groundhog Day Sayings - Groundhog Day Slogans - Fun Groundhog Day Captions - Funny Groundhog Day Puns:

Happy Groundhog Day Quotes – “Let us just enjoy the weather instead of depending upon the groundhog to tell us.” – “Don’t take a rodent to be a meteorologist. Have a fabulous Groundhog Day.” – “Warm clothing or summer clothing? Soon the groundhog is going to reveal.”

Funny Quotes for Groundhog Day – “The kind of weather you are expecting is not a question to be answered by a rodent.” – “Even groundhog must be wondering how his activities are going to affect us.” – “Happy Groundhog Day, everyone. For the record, I’ll be thrilled if winter only lasts six more weeks.”

Happy Groundhog Day Sayings – “Happy Groundhog Day” – “Shadow or no shadow, I hope everyone has a great Groundhog Day!” – “Ready for Spring?” – “Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! Let’s hope the little rodent is brave so we don’t get six more weeks of winter!”

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