120 Best Ramadan Quotes

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Ramadan Sayings – “Wishing you a happy Ramadan.” – “To the best kid I know: May this Ramadan help you grow!” – “May all your prayers be answered this Ramadan and always.” – “Let Allah guide you and protect you this Ramadan and always.”

Happy Ramadan Wishes – “Ramadan Mubarak!” – “Make a dua list and check it twice. Don’t forget to ask for Paradise!” – “May your faith be further emboldened this Ramadan.” – “Wishing you an easy fast.” – “My shining star, my crescent moon, my Eid balloon. We miss you so much, we hope to see you soon!”

Ramadan Messages – “Wishing you a blessed Ramadan.” – “Prayer rugs and Eid hugs, happy holidays to my cuddle bugs!” – “May your days and nights be Mubarak and bright.” – “You’re sweeter than a box of dates. Happy Ramadan!” – “Keeping you in our prayers during Ramadan.”

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