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Free Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle

Our Free Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle is so much fun! Find 10 hidden Easter-related words including animals, flowers, and treats you might find in your basket. Go check it out below.

free printable Easter word search

Easter Traditions for Families

Easter is around the corner and this year I wanted to switch it up a little bit. Normally it is tradition to have an Easter egg hunt followed by a nice brunch after church.

Here in Germany we actually do not search for individual eggs like it is a tradition in the United States. Children actually go search for hidden Easter baskets.

However since we are a multicultural family, I adapted the American tradition and added it to our search for the Easter basket. So mainly my kids search for eggs and a full basket.

Since I m tired of the candy overload on holidays I came up with the idea of adding Easter printables to our basket. Therefore I made this Easter Word Search for kids.

There are many different traditions and ways of celebrating Easter all over the world. In case you also like to switch up your Easter celebration, here are a couple of great Easter traditions for families to inspire you:

  • Plant an Easter Garden 
  • Egg Time Machine 
  • Decorate an Easter Egg Tree 
  • Decorate Easter Eggs
  • Attend an Easter Parade

Easter Garden

Take the time and plant an Easter garden with your children. Since Easter is in Spring, it is the perfect season to get your garden ready. Consider planting pansies, tulips, marigolds, and petunias. 

Egg Time Maschine

This Easter egg time machine idea is so much fun. Let your kids write a letter to themself and place it inside a plastic egg to open next year on Easter again.

If your children can not write yet, do not worry, simply let them draw a picture. They will be surprised how much things changed in one year!

Easter Egg Tree

Did you ever decorate an Easter egg tree? They are really beautiful. Pick a tree or shrub in your front yard and decorate it with Easter eggs and ribbons. Everybody will admire your Easter tree.

Decorate Easter Eggs

This tradition can not be missed in our house. Decorating Easter eggs. I have to tell you this never get’s old and the kids are really excited to do so every year. We boil eggs and decorate them nicely. Afterward, we gift them to family and friends.

Did you know you can actually dye Easter eggs with shaving cream or whipped cream? You certainly can and it is a fantastic hands-on sensory activity for Easter. Go check it out in the link above.

Easter Parade

Last, attend an Easter parade with your children. Many cities offer an Easter parade around Easter. Put on an Easter hat and enjoy the family time.

If these ideas don’t suit you, you can find these and more Easter traditions here.

Did you enjoy our word search game for Mother’s Day? Then take a look at one of our other fun spring activities. How about these Easter Worksheets, or make your own Easter Cards and add one of our cute Easter Messages for Kids. You might also enjoy these adorable Chicken Crafts. Have a look!

Free Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle

But let’s get back to our Easter word finds. Here are all the materials you will need Easter egg word search:

Word Search Materials

  • Free Easter Word Search Printable PDF (found below)
  • a pecil

Our Easter seek and find printable word search game is not different from any other word search puzzle, besides that, you have to find words that reflect Easter celebrations.

First, go check out below how to print out our Easter word finds templates and hand out one for each player.

Make sure the participants do not see the Easter word search answers and that everyone has a pencil.

Below the grid full of letters, you will find 10 Easter-related words.

Find these words in the grid above. The words can be up, down, diagonal, forward, and backward.

As soon as you find one word, make sure to mark and cross it from the list. Then move on to the next word till you find all of them.

The first player to finish all words in the Easter template for words is the winner.

If you like to make it a little bit more interesting, set a time limit and time the game. The player with the most words found in the given time wins.

By the way, you do not need a big group to play our easy Easter word search game. If you like puzzles and trick games, it is super fun to do it by yourself as well!

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