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20+ Fun Games to Play Over Video Call With Kids

Is talking over video chat not enough anymore? Try these 20+ fun games to play over video call with kids.

No preparation time will be needed.

Take a look now!

Video Call Ideas for Kids

Video Call Ideas for Kids

Video Chats like Zoom, Facetime, What’s App, Skype, and others allow you to stay connected despite long distances.

But simply talking can be boring, so why not try those fun video call activities and games for kids? They allow you to feel connected with your family and friends without getting bored.

Those video chat activities are intended for ages 4+ and no more is needed than either the free game printables for each party or a paper and pen.

All video chat games can be played with 2 or more people at the same time. Some are more fun in a group than others but it is not mandatory.

Games to Play Over Video Call

  • The laughing game
  • I spy with my little eyes
  • Guess who I am
  • 2 truth and 1 wish
  • Read my lips

Scroll down for MORE fun video chat game ideas and How to play them.

games to play over video call with kids

1. The Laughing Game

How to Play the Laughing Game

You have 20 seconds to make the other person laugh. How you make the other person laugh is up to you!

In a group, setting let the person who is “IT” pick 1 person in the group who shall make them laugh or smile.

If the other player fails, “IT” chooses another opponent.

If the person laughs the other player becomes “IT”.

2. I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye

How to Play I Spy

One player is picking an object in the other player’s surroundings. Once you have chosen an object, say “I spy with my little eye….” and offer a clue.

For example, I spy with my little eye on something blue. The other player has to guess which object it is.

Has the second player guessed the object it is his or her turn to pick an object in the other players’ surrounding.

3. Guess Who I Am

How to Play Guess Who I Am

The first player chooses a person. The other players have 20 questions that can only be answered with yes or no to guess which person the player is.

To make it easier for children we narrow the group of people to choose down to a group. For example, we say Disney princesses, Star Wars figures, superheroes, etc.

4. 2 Truth and 1 Wish

How to Play 2 Truth and 1 Wish

This 2 Truth and 1 Wish is a kid-friendly version of the game 2 Truth and 1 Lie.

Each player thinks of three statements about themselves.  Two must be true and one must be a wish.

Then every player takes his turn to tell two truths and one wish in any order.

At the end of each round the players vote on which 2 statements they think are a lie.

After the voting process is finished, the person reveals which ones were made up.

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5. Read My Lips

How to Play Read My Lips

The first player turns off the microphone on his device and says a word. The other players try to understand and guess the word.

The person who has guessed correctly becomes now the player to pick a new word.

6. Story Telling

How to Play Storyteller Pass-Along

Every participant has 1 minute to tell a story. After 1 minute is over, the next player starts to continue the story till the fairy tale is over.

Use your imagination and dive into new adventures!

7. 21 Questions

How to Play 21 Questions

The first player chooses a second person to ask any 21 questions. All questions should be answered truthfully. Then you change the roles.

The purpose of this game is to get to know each other better. Off-limits on questions can be chosen if necessary.

video call game ideas for kids

8. Find Me Something

How to Play Find Me Something

The first player asks the second player to find “something blue/ smooth/ starting with the letter c”.

Then player 2 will go around trying to find an object and bring it back.

Afterward, they can switch roles or pick another player.

9. Who Is It

How to Play Who Is It

This is the perfect game for grandparents to play with their grandchildren.

Grandma or grandpa shows an old photograph of a family member when they were little. The children have to guess who it is.

10. I Am Packing My Suitcase

How to Play I Am Packing My Suitcase

Someone starts with “I m packing my suitcase and I put….. socks in it”.

The next person starts from the start and adds their own – “I m packing my suitcase and I put socks in it and shoes”.

Carry on for as long as you can without making a mistake!

This game is definitely a great way of practicing your memorization.
11. Simon Says

How to Play Simon Says

One player is Simon and gives commands to the other players.

If the player says “Simon says…clap your hands” everyone must do that action.

If the player says just “clap your hands” everyone must remain still or they are out of the game.

12. Starring Contest

Who can stare for the longest without blinking? The first one blinking is losing.

Make sure to sit close enough to the screen so the other players can see your face.

13. Read Together

Read a book to the children.

14. Talent Show

Make a talent show. Every participant will pick a talent and practice for the video chat.

The kids will have so much fun showing their talent and watching others!

15. Puppet Show

Make a puppet show for the children. They will enjoy watching it.

16. Show and Tell

Everyone will choose a special item that they can share with each other.

During the video chat show your object to the others and tell them about it!

Show and Tell

17. Alphabet Game

How to Play the Alphabet Game

All players take turns finding an object that starts with a specific letter. Work your way through the alphabet.

Make sure to help younger children out if they need help.

18. 3 Fun Printables

Enjoy one of our Fun Printables together! Simply download and print the same template, games, or worksheets and make them together while you are video chatting.

19. Play Tic Tac Toe

Get a paper and pen and play ti tac toe together. Just make sure everyone is drawing both players’ moves on the game board.
To make sure no mistakes happen, simply lift the sheets up in front of the camera so the other person sees what your next move is.

20. Experiment Show Case

Find an easy science experiment present it to your opponent and tell them all about the science behind it. It is so much fun and you learn something from it as well.

Try our Dancing Grapes Experiment for example.

21. Name Monsters

Instead of just drawing together make these adorable Cursive Name Monsters. They are adorable. The instructions can be found in the link.

22. Bingo

Time to play a round of bingo with your video caller. Simply choose one of these over 10 adorable Bingo Games. Download and print it both and you are ready to play. Enjoy!

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Pramod Banthia

Monday 8th of March 2021

Very Imaginative Games, Thanks!!

Lil Tigers

Wednesday 10th of March 2021

thank you, I m happy you like them!

Cherryl Ehlenburg

Saturday 27th of February 2021

These sound like a lot of fun! Thank you for including mine!

Lil Tigers

Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

Thank you, I appreciate it!