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Free Printable Bingo Games

Do you love to play bingo with your family and friends? Then go check out our list of Free Printable Bingo Games. You will find the fitting bingo game for every occasion. Let’s check it out!

free printable bingo game cards

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Here are 10 Fun Bingo Printables:

  1. Spring Bingo
  2. Summer Bingo
  3. Fall Bingo
  4. Winter Bingo
  5. Valentines Bingo
  6. Earth Day Bingo
  7. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo
  8. Mother’s Day Bingo
  9. 4th of July Bingo
  10. Halloween Bingo
  11. Thanksgiving Bingo
  12. Christmas Bingo
  13. New Year’s Bingo
  14. Harry Potter Bingo
  15. Super Hero Bingo
  16. Alphabet Bingo

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is such an easy but fun game that makes addicted. There are two types of bingo games. The classic game with numbers and the picture bingo game.

Picture bingo boards are easier to play with little kids. If you choose a bingo board with numbers or even words are more challenging and intended for older children or grown-ups. This is why the number and word bingo cards are meant for children who can already read and know their numbers.

That does not mean older children and even adults can not enjoy a game of picture bingo as well!

Setting Up Bingo

After choosing an age-appropriate bingo game it is time to set up your game of bingo. It is actually pretty easy and can be prepared ahead of time.

To set up your bingo game, you have to download and print your free bingo boards and bingo calling cards first. Then place the bingo cards in a basket or bag. Afterward, you cut your bingo call-out cards. When you are done with those make sure to place a bingo game board at every seat.

Now pick something fun to mark your numbers, words, or pictures. You can always use markers, pencils, or crayons but your children or student also might enjoy theme-matched stickers, poker chips, or food items, such as candy corn at Halloween, or marshmallows during winter.

Bingo Rules

After your bingo templates are all prepared and set up it is time to look at the bingo rules. Bingo is actually not as hard as it looks and as soon as you get the rules it is pretty fun to play. So let’s check them out:

  1. First, you have to decide on a detected caller. Mostly this will be the mom, teacher, or any grown-up who is playing.
  2. The caller will draw a picture, number, or word out of your basket and show and call it to the players.
  3. Each player then marks it on their bingo board.
  4. Once the first player got a full line on their bingo board crossed (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) he or she will shout out “Bingo” and wins.

pretty easy isn’t it?

If you are a visual learner, here is a short video that explains to you the bingo rules with numbers:

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Free Printable Bingo Games

Are you looking for free bingo sets to play with your family, friends, or students? Then check out our list of fun bingo games. They can be played at home, in your classroom, or even at your next party. Below you will find bingo printables for every holiday, season, or occasion. Enjoy!

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