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10 Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Our Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game includes 10 different Bingo Cards for Halloween.

It is perfect to play with your family, at your Halloween party, in school, or in other homeschool settings.

Simply download our Halloween bingo pattern pdf below and enjoy a fall afternoon full of fun.

Let’s check out how it works.

free printable Halloween Bingo for Kids

Fun Bingo Facts

Did you play bingo before? Most people play at least once in their lives.

It is actually a really enjoyable game people of every age group can enjoy! Here are some fun facts about the game of bingo before we start with our bingo game for Halloween.

  • Bingo was first played in Italy in 1530 as a lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia.
  • It was previously called beano since people used beans to cover the numbers.
  • Normally you play bingo with numbers. In the US the cards have numbers between 1-75 on them.
  • Prior to Covid Americans spend over $90 million on bingo cards per week.
  • The average bingo player is 35 years old!
  • The top 10 bingo numbers are 4, 6, 42, 62, 52, 51, 64, 81, 5, and 47.

These and more interesting facts about the game of bingo can be found here.

Free Halloween Bingo Printable Game

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Nature is full of color and the weather still warm enough to go for long walks through the fields and woods.

We visit pumpkin patches and get ready for Halloween.

I m sure it is the same thing in your house, but my children just love Halloween.

Together we decorate the house spooky but not scary. They love to wear their costumes and meet with friends to go trick or treat together.

Since they barely can wait till it is evening I always entertain them on Halloween with arts and crafts or easy Halloween games during the day.

That’s why I made this Halloween game for them!

Halloween Bingo Patterns

Our free Halloween pattern cards include the most popular Symbols for Halloween such as candy corn, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and many more.

They come with 10 different Halloween game boards that you can play in the family, together with friends and classmates.

It even can be used as Halloween bingo for adults.

I hope you like it as much as we did. Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Bingo Materials

Here are all the materials you will need to play with our Halloween bingo templates:

  • Free Printable Halloween Bingo Card Template PDF (found below)
  • pencils
  • scissors

How Do You Play Bingo

But you might wonder now, how do you play bingo. Let me tell you Halloween bingo is not any different from any other bingo game. They have the same rules.

You are not familiar with the bingo game yet? Do not worry, let me explain the Bingo Rules to you:

  1. Print out your Halloween bingo pdf.
  2. Take your scissor and cut out your free Halloween bingo call-out cards.
  3. Give each player one free Halloween bingo card.
  4. Now designate a caller.
  5. Afterward, place all call-out cards in a basket, bucket, or bag and mix them.
  6. Next, the caller draws a card and shows it to the players.
  7. Each player is marking the selected card on his Halloween Bingo Card Template with his marker.
  8. The player shouts “BINGO!” when they get a full line of 4 pictures in a row. Either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.


  • Smaller children can play this game as well. Simply help them find the picture if they can not.
  • Do-a-dot Markers are perfect for these fun Halloween bingo free printables. Use them instead of normal markers.
  • Do you not like our pictures? Do not worry, I made a blank Halloween bingo template for you. Simply choose your own pictures or words for it. You can make as many sets as you want with these blank Halloween bingo cards.

How Do You Make Bingo Funny

After a while playing bingo can get old. Here are three fun ideas on how to make bingo for Halloween interesting again:

  • Use Halloween stickers or Halloween candy (candy corn for example) instead of markers.
  • Get prices for the winners. How about some Halloween goody bags as prizes?

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Now it is your turn.
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