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75 Best Halloween Party Games for All Ages (2024)

Here are the 75 Best Halloween Games for all ages.

Our list includes fun activities for your next Halloween event at home or at your school.

They are easy to set up and the whole family can enjoy them!

Let’s dive right in and get inspired.

fun halloween game for kids

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Before we start with our Halloween game activities for adults and kids, let’s find out first what Halloween is all about:

What Is Halloween All About?

Halloween is celebrated each year the night before All Saints on October 31st.

The tradition started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to scare off ghosts.

As Halloween evolved, by the 1920s and 1930s, and turned to be a secular but more community-centered holiday.

It became a tradition to go trick or treat, watch Halloween movies, attend Halloween parties, and visit haunted houses and Halloween parades.

And with all these new traditions and activities over time, it became an event the whole family can enjoy.

Those and more facts about Halloween can be found here.

7. Fun Halloween Facts for Kids

Halloween is the most spooky holiday of the year.
But where does it come from and what else is there to know about Halloween?

Here are 7 Fun Halloween Facts for Kids:

  1. Halloween is always celebrated on October 31st.
  2. Halloween originated from Samhain.
  3. It used to be called All Hallows’ Eve.
  4. The colors orange and black are symbolizing Halloween.
  5. The first Jack O’Lanterns were made out of turnips.
  6. The name Jack O’Lantern comes from Ireland!
  7. Stephen Clarke holds the world record for the fastest time carving a pumpkin.

As we learned above Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st., the night before All Saints Day.
It originated from Samhain and used to be called All Hollows’ Eve.

It was celebrated with bonfires to scare off ghosts. In the early 19th hundreds, Halloween turned into a family and community-centered festivity with costumes and trick-or-treat events and get-togethers.

Orange and black are symbolizing Halloween. Sometimes you see green and purple as well.

Did you know that the first Jack O’Lantern was made out of turnips?

They are meant to ward off unwanted visitors and the name Jack O’Lantern comes from Ireland!

The world record for the fastest time to carve a pumpkin is 16 seconds and is held by Stephen Clarke.
That’s amazing, isn’t it? How long do you need?

Go and check out those and more fun facts about Halloween here at the following link.

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75 Best Halloween Game Ideas for Your Party

Do you plan on having your own Halloween event at home or at your school? Then you will love the following game ideas for Halloween.

They are great for any fall gathering, birthday party, or Halloween celebration.

You will find everything from Halloween game races, toss games, printable games, and more.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Halloween decoration and prize ideas at the end, to round up your event.

Let’s get started!

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Halloween Games for Kids

Let’s start off with our fun Halloween games for kids but don’t be surprised some of these work just as well for grown-ups.

Easy Kids Halloween Games

Classroom Halloween Games

Here is a selection of Halloween Games for the classroom. They can be played in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and any other school setting.

Let’s have a look!

Fun Halloween Games for the Classroom

Other Classroom Games for Halloween

If these weren't enough spooky games for your classroom, go check out these next:

Candy Corn Math Activity

Halloween Candy Experiment

Free Printable Halloween Cube

Dancing Ghost

Halloween Games for Adults (and Teens)

The following adult Halloween games are super fun.

They are geared for grown-ups but you will find that in several Halloween-themed games teens and even kids can participate.

Adult Halloween Games

Family Halloween Games

These fun games for Halloween are great activities the whole family can enjoy. Let’s get inspired here:

Halloween Family Games

Halloween Carnival Games

Are you hosting a Halloween carnival? Then these Halloween activities are for you!

Of course, they also work as regular Halloween party games but are much more fun in a Halloween Carnival setting.

These Pumpkin Patch Activities or Fall Festival Games would work great as well!

Easy Halloween Carnival Games

More Halloween Games

If these weren’t enough games for your next Halloween event, go check out the following Halloween carnival games:

Halloween Craft Table

When I was little we always crafted something fun during my birthday party.

Simply implement this idea to your Halloween party by preparing a Halloween craft table for your gathering.

Here are several Halloween craft ideas that are perfect for group settings and can be prepared ahead of time!

If these weren’t enough, go check out our 100 Easy October Crafts.

Halloween Books for Kids

After all this Halloween game fun your children might need a break to cool down.

Set up a Halloween book corner for them where everyone can step back from the crowd and enjoy reading.

Here is a list of adorable Halloween books for your children:

Beep! Beep! It’s Halloween! Little Blue Truck is picking up his animal friends for a costume party.

A little bat uses brains over brawn in this not-so-scary Halloween picture book.

A fun, rhyming read-aloud Halloween picture book that starts a new holiday tradition.

Guessing Activity Book for Toddlers and Kids Ages 2-5, Preschool and Kindergarten

Halloween Party Invitations

Don’t forget to make your own DIY Halloween Party Invitations.

Here are great craft ideas. Check out these 15 Halloween Party Invitations and 15 Fun DIY Halloween Cards with matching Halloween Quotes, Monster Captions, Skeleton Puns, Jack-O-Lantern Captions, Frankenstein Puns, and Bat Sayings for Kids.

Matching Halloween Party Invitation Wordings for your homemade cards can be found here.

diy halloween party invitations

Halloween Party Decorations

If you organize a fun afternoon filled with games for Halloween, you should decorate accordingly.

In case your house is not ready for Halloween yet, here are some fun Halloween decoration ideas to create a wonderful atmosphere:

Halloween Prize Ideas

So now that we have a lot of Halloween game ideas it is time to talk about prices.

Because let’s face it nothing makes it more fun than to be able to win little prizes.

Here are a few items we will get for our next Halloween gathering:

Did you enjoy our Halloween party games? Here are 10 more Halloween game ideas for kids. Enjoy!

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