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Fun Valentine’s Day Bingo (Free Printables)

Our Valentine Day Bingo Free Printables is perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day. Either at home, in a classroom setting, or at a party, our Valentine’s day bingo will bring a lot of fun!

Download our Valentine’s bingo pdf below and have fun. Let’s check out how it works.

free printable Valentine's day bingo for kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Do you like to spend Valentine’s Day together as a family? Here are 10 Great Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids you can enjoy together:

  1. Play Valentine’s Day Games
  2. Make Valentine’s Day Card
  3. Write Valentine’s Day Messages
  4. Make a Valentine’s Day Craft
  5. Discover Valentine’s Day STEM Activities
  6. Bake Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
  7. Have a Valentine’s Day Tea Party
  8. Prepare a fancy Valentine’s Day Dinner
  9. Read a Valentine’s Day Bedtime Story
  10. Have Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Why not plan a fun day with your children on Valentine’s day? Prepare a fun afternoon with Valentine’s day activities for them and spend the day with those you love most!

Obviously, I recommend playing Valentine’s day games together such as our free printable Valentine’s day bingo. Afterward, you could choose one of our Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas or even make your own Valentine’s Day Card.

If you do not know what to write on your card, go check out our 25 Adorable Valentine’s Day Messages for Kids.
In case you just like to craft without making a card, our free Cupid Printables, or Red Heart Printables might be the right fit for you.

Your children do not like to craft? Then try a fun Valentine’s Day STEM Activity instead. Here are some great ones we like!

I m sure after your children are done playing and crafting they will be hungry. So why not have a fancy tea party or Valentine’s day dinner? In case you decide on a fun tea party, here is our easy Teapot Template you can use as a party invitation.

Did you consider organizing Valentine’s Day fundraiser for the school, sports club, or organizations yet? Our free Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Printables are perfect for this occassion.

Valentine’s Day Bingo Free Printables

Every year on the 14th of February millions of people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s day. Most couples go for fancy dinners and buy flowers, gifts, and chocolate to show their love for each other.

But when kids come into play the dynamic in your family is changing. When they are older they even might like to be included in the celebration. Above you could already find 8 great ideas on how to spend a wonderful Valentine’s day as a family.

One of these fun successions for Valentine’s day was to play games. Therefore I created these cute Valentine’s day bingo printables. Let’s find out below how it works!

Valentine’s Bingo Patterns

To make sure the whole family can play this fun bingo game for Valentine’s day I decided to include pictures together with numbers and words. This way even smaller children can participate in our fun game.

You will find Valentine’s day cupcakes, flowers, love birds, cakes, heart balloons, and more.

Our free Valentine’s day printables include 10 different Valentine’s day game boards. This gives you the opportunity to play our Valentine’s game together with your family and friends. It even can be used as Valentine’s bingo for adults.

Bingo Materials for Valentine’s Day

Here are all the materials you will need to play with our Valentine bingo templates:

  • Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bingo PDF (found below)
  • pencils
  • scissors

How Do You Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

But you might wonder now, how do you play our ‘love’ bingo game. Let me tell you Valentine bingo is not any different from any other bingo game. They have the same rules.

You are not familiar with the bingo game yet? Do not worry, let me explain the Bingo Rules to you:

  1. Download your Valentine’s day bingo free printables (found below).
  2. Take your scissor and cut out your free Valentine bingo call-out cards.
  3. Give each player one free heart bingo game board.
  4. Now designate a caller.
  5. Afterward, place all call-out cards in a basket, bucket, or bag and mix them.
  6. Next, the caller draws a card and shows it to the players.
  7. Each player is marking the selected card on his bingo card game board with his marker.
  8. The player shouts “BINGO!” when they get a full line of four pictures in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).

If you are a visual learner, go check out the rules of picture bingo here:


  • Smaller children can play this game as well. They might need help finding the pictures on their game boards.
  • Do-a-dot Markers are perfect for this fun Valentine bingo game.
  • Do you not like our pictures? Do not worry, I made a blank bingo template for you. Choose your own pictures or words for it.
  • In order to play this fun game more often you should consider laminating your game boards and cards. This way you can even keep it for next year. Just make sure to use a foil pen in this case!

How Do You Make Bingo Funny

After a while playing bingo can get old. Here are three fun ideas on how to make bingo interesting again:

  • Use poker chips instead of markers
  • Use food instead of markers, such as m&m’s
  • Get prices for the winners

How to Download Your Free Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

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