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17 Fun Water Balloon Games for Kids and Adults

Playing with water balloons is so much fun. Here are 25 Fun Water Balloon Games for this summer.

This list will provide you with a big variety of water balloon challenges, relay races, sports, and toss games for kids, toddlers, large groups, and adults.

Whether it is for your next summer camp, get-together, field trip or just playing with friends in the backyard we got you covered.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired by all these fun ways of playing with water balloons.

fun water balloon games

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Water Balloon Activities

In the following collection of water balloon games, we listed our favorite water balloon activities for you.

It includes everything from water balloon learning games, and obstacle courses, to the stomp game, and building your own water balloon slingshot.

You will find the perfect activity for every occasion for different groups and ages.

Fair warning: For those games, you can never have enough water balloons. And let’s face it filling them all up individually and by hand is simply too much work and takes forever!

Therefore I advise you to buy these awesome water balloons that tie themselves. All you have to do is to huck them up to a water hose and fill them in bulks. They are such a time saver!

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Best Water Balloon Games

You might wonder, what games can you play with water balloons?
Do not worry, you will find the right game for kids, groups, and adults to enjoy.

Happy Splashing!

More Water Balloon Games for Kids and Adults

If those games didn’t cool you down enough try this homemade Strawberry Popsicle Recipe, build our DIY Foil River, Fun Friday Activities for Kids, or enjoy our other fun Summer Activities for children. Your kids will love them.

Water Balloon Toys

For some of these fun water balloon games, you need a couple of assessors. Here is a list of water balloon tools you will need for our summer activities.

You can find more great Water Toys for Kids here.

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Now it is your turn.
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