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10 Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Our Free Printable Christmas Bingo Game is a perfect family activity for the Christmas holidays.

Download our Xmas bingo pattern pdf below and enjoy an afternoon full of fun with your family and friends.

Let’s check out how it works.

free printable Christmas Bingo for Kids

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Christmas Facts for Kids

  • Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth.
  • Christmas trees were first used by ancient Egyptians and Romans.
  • The term ‘Xmas’ is short for Christmas.
  • Santa Claus was known as Sinterklaas in Dutch.
  • He did not always dress up in red clothes.
  • Rudolph, the ‘Red-Nosed Reindeer’ has helpers too!

Christmas is an annual Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25th of December in the western catholic church.

The modern Christmas tree started in Germany in the 16th century. But the origin of the Christmas tree goes back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Using the term “Xmas” also goes back to the 16th century. “X” in Xmas comes from the ancient Greek language, where Christ begins with the letter X. Therefore is Xmas simply short for Christmas?

The character “Santa Claus” is based on Saint Nicholas. The legend tells us he was a Christian bishop who helped the poor and needy. He was called Sinterklass in dutch, which became later Santa Claus.

But it is not true that Santa Claus only wears red cloth. He used to wear green, purple, or blue. But Coca-Cola decided to dress him up in red to match their brand and it got stuck. This is why he appears everywhere in red cloth now!

Did you know Rudolph the reindeer had helpers? The story tells that Rudolph was chosen by Santa to pull his sled on Christmas Eve. But he actually didn’t do it alone. There were eight other reindeer (Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, and Blixem) who helped him.

These and more fascinating facts about Christmas can be found here.

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Free Christmas Bingo Printable

Is Christmas one of your favorite holidays during the year? It is mine for sure! As soon as Thanksgiving is over we already start decorating the house for Santa Claus to come and can’t wait till our elf on the shelf arrives!

Nevertheless, the winter months can be long and cold. Therefore I always look for new activities to entertain my children. This year I decided to make them a Christmas bingo game and I like to share it with you!

Christmas Bingo Patterns

Instead of just choosing words, I decided to mix them up with some fun Christmas pictures. This way more minor children also can participate in our fun printable Christmas game.

You will find everything from a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snow, and everything else you can associate with Christmas.

Our free winter printables include 10 different Christmas bingo game boards. This gives you the opportunity to play our Christmas game together with your family and friends. It even can be used as Christmas bingo for adults.


Here are all the materials you will need to play with our Christmas holiday bingo templates:

  • Free Printable Christmas Bingo Template PDF (found below)
  • pencils
  • scissors

How Do You Play Christmas Bingo

But you might wonder now, how do you play Christmas bingo? Let me tell you our Christmas-themed bingo is not any different from any other bingo game. They have the same rules.

You are not familiar with the bingo game yet? Do not worry, let me explain the Bingo Rules to you:

  1. Print out your free Christmas bingo templates.
  2. Take your scissor and cut out your free Christmas call-out cards.
  3. Give each player one Christmas bingo game board.
  4. Now designate a caller.
  5. Afterward, place all call-out cards in a basket, bucket, or bag and mix them.
  6. Next, the caller draws a card and shows it to the players.
  7. Each player is marking the selected card on their bingo card template with a marker.
  8. The player shouts “BINGO!” when they get a full line of 4 pictures (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).


  • Smaller children can play this game as well. Help them find the picture if they needed.
  • Do-a-dot Markers are perfect for this fun Xmas bingo game.
  • Do you not like our pictures? Do not worry, I made a blank bingo template for you. Choose your own pictures or words for it. You can also use our blank printables to create extra Christmas game boards to add additional players to your game!

How Do You Make Bingo Funny

After a while playing bingo can get old. Here are three fun ideas on how to make bingo interesting again:

  • Use poker chips instead of markers
  • Use Christmas food instead of markers, such as winter candy
  • Get prices for the winners. Here are some fun Christmas goody bag stuffers we like:

How to Download Your Free Christmas Bingo Cards

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