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Free Printable Winter Hat Templates

Our free printable Winter Hat Template Printable Outlines come in different sizes (small, medium, and large) and include winter hat coloring pages as well.

They are perfect for any type of winter and Christmas art and crafts and decoration projects.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired by our free winter hat printables and craft ideas!

free printable winter hat templates outlines

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Free Winter Hat Template Printables

Our winter hat outlines come in small, medium, and large.

They are especially popular during winter and Christmas. We use them for all kinds of winter arts and crafts or winter decoration projects. Below you can find several winter hat ideas for our templates.

Do not forget to check them out!

You will see our free winter hat template printables can be used in many different ways. They are great for crafting at home, in a classroom, or in any other group setting.

But before we get started with all these fun winter hat craft template ideas, let’s have a look at what we will need for our winter hat craft preschool projects.

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Easy Winter Hat Template

But let’s get started with our winter hat craft.

Winter Hat Cutout Materials

Here is a list of supplies you will need for our templates of winter hats.

Winter Hat Craft Instructions

Step 1: Download the Free Printable Snow Hat Template

The first step to creating this fun winter craft is to download and print the blank Winter Hat Template. 

You can check below on how to get your free winter hat printout.

I highly recommend using cardstock paper if you intend on doing step 4. Or at least good quality mixed media paper if you decide to use paint or watercolor.

The thicker the paper is the longer your craft will last.

free printable winter hat template

Step 2: Decorate Your Winter Hat Template

Have fun decorating your winter hat outline however you’d like. Scroll down for some fun decorating ideas and techniques for you and your kids to use.

free printable winter hat craft template

Step 3: Cut Your Winter Hat Template

Once you’re done decorating your Snow Hat Outlines, go ahead and cut them out. 

Step 4: Hole Punch & Attach String (optional)

Now that your winter hat pictures are cut out, you can hole-punch, or puncture a small hole at the corners.

Then tie them to a string to join them together. Instead of punching holes, you could also attach them with clear tape on their backs.

Step 5: Hang Winter Hat Garland

Now your winter hat decorating project is done. Simply hang your winter hat garland to showcase them in your classroom or above the fireplace.

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Different Ways to Decorate Winter Hat Craft Templates

My kids and I printed several winter hat templates to explore with several decoration ideas to suit your needs. 

You can decorate with craft materials you already have at home, like paint and stickers, or pencils and cotton balls. It’s totally up to you and your child how you choose to decorate. 

Some options are even more suited to toddlers and their developmental skills, while others might be more exciting for big kids. Just have fun with it! 

Craft Methods and Techniques to Try

Other great painting techniques for our winter hat craft project are:

We always like to level up our crafting experience with paint or watercolor. It’s a great way to turn a coloring sheet into something more.

With a white crayon and watercolor, you can even create some wax-resist art.

You can find the full guide on the Crayon Resist Watercolor Technique here. Just follow the instructions step by step!

free printable winter hat templates

Blow Art is also an engaging art technique your kids will love.

With the help of drinking straws, you can create wonderful patterns. Go check out my Blow Art Tutorial here.

free winter hat printable templates

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Embellishments to Try For Your Winter Hat Templates

free printable winter hat outlines

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Winter Hat Template Ideas

Here are also some other great winter hat template ideas you might enjoy besides our winter hat garland:

  1. Winter Hat Coloring Sheet
  2. Winter Hat Stencil
  3. DIY Winter Hat Card
  4. Snow Hat Party Invitations
  5. Winter Hat Table Decoration
  6. Winter Hat Birthday Party Craft Project
  7. Snow Hat Ornaments

As you can see our winter hat craft templates can be used in so many different ways. These are just a couple of options.

They work always well as winter hat coloring pages, cards or invitations, winter decorations, or even craft projects for your winter birthday party.

What will you make out of them? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Winter Books for Kids

Those who are familiar with my blog know by now that I like to read a matching story to every craft.

Here is a list of great winter books we like to read while crafting and drinking hot chocolate.

Happy reading!

Join a brother and sister as they explore nature and take a stroll through their twinkling town, greeting all the signs of the coming season of winter.

This colorful, rhythmic ode to winter will show your children what makes this season so magical and fun!

Join the woodland animals during winter as they get ready to play snowy games in this peek-through counting book.

Read along and find out about how animals cope with winter in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture book.

With this teacher’s favorite, you can discover the wonder and activity that lies beneath winter s snowy landscape in this magical book.

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free printable winter hat templates

Now it is your turn.
How did your kids enjoy their winter hat printable outlines? Which was your favorite winter hat activity?
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