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Free Printable Snow Globe Templates

Our free printable Snow Globe Template Printable Outlines come in small, medium, and large.

They are perfect for any type of winter and Christmas art and crafts and decoration projects.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired by our free snow globe printables and craft ideas!

diy snow globe templates

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Snow Globe Facts for Kids

What Is a Snow Globe?

A snow globe is a toy or ornament.

It has the form of a transparent shape filled with a model of a scene.
The ornament is filled with liquid containing small loose parts such as glitter or white particles.

So when you shake it looks like a snowstorm!

What Do Snow Globes Symbolize?

Snow Globes often symbolize a childhood memory of innocence and happy days.

Often people collect snow globes from places they travel to. At home they displace them and they remind them of their adventures.

Snow Globe Facts

  • Snow globes are also called ‘snow domes’, ‘snow shakers’, ‘snowstorms’, ‘snow scenes’, and ‘water globes’.
  • The first known record of a globe with water and white powder, with a man holding an umbrella, was displayed at the Paris Universal Expo in 1878.
  • Snow globes were first patented in the year 1900, in Austria, by Erwin Perzy.
  • To prevent snow globes from freezing an antifreeze such as glycol is often added to the water.
  • The demand for snowglobes increased between 1920 and 1940 with cheaper production and with a dramatic scene in the film “Kitty Foyle”.
  • Snow Globes are commonly sold as a souvenir.

I found these and more amazing facts about snow globes here. If you like to learn more, go check it out!

Free Snow Globe Template Printables

Our snow globe outlines come in small, medium, and large.

They are especially popular during Winter and Christmas.

We use them for all kinds of Winter art and craft projects or Christmas decorations.

Below you can find several snow globe craft ideas for our templates. Do not forget to check them out!

You will see our free snow globe template printables can be used in many different ways.

They are great for crafting at home, in a classroom, or in any other group setting.

But before we get started with all these fun snow globe craft template ideas, let’s have a look at what we will need for our snow globe craft projects.

Here is a list of supplies you will need for our templates of snow globes.

Snow Globe Cut Out Materials

Do you need advice on How to Introduce Crafting to your Preschooler? Then read our 10 tips that work next.

Snow Globe Template Instruction

  1. Select the Optimal Size:
    • Pick the snow globe size that suits your artistic vision. Whether you’re aiming for a charming mini-snowscape or a larger, more detailed scene, choose the dimensions that best complement your creative concept.
  2. Print with Versatility:
    • Print your snow globe template on a variety of materials. Experiment with white or colored paper for a classic look, or try thicker paper for added durability. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless!
  3. Precision Cutting:
    • Carefully cut along the snow globe template outlines to ensure precision and accuracy. Take your time to create clean, smooth edges that will enhance the overall appearance of your snow globe masterpiece.
  4. Unleash Your Creativity:
    • Now comes the fun part! Decorate your snow globe with an array of artistic elements. Add festive details, whimsical characters, or intricate designs—let your imagination run wild. This step is your opportunity to infuse personality and creativity into your craft.
  5. Crafting Brilliance:
    • Incorporate your finished snow globes into your craft idea. Whether you’re creating a winter wonderland diorama or a holiday-themed centerpiece, your uniquely designed snow globes will add a touch of magic to your project.

Pro Tip for Young Crafters:

For our younger artists, consider a slight modification to the process.

Encourage them to unleash their creativity by decorating their snow globes first before diving into the cutting stage.

This approach can make the crafting experience more enjoyable and manageable, allowing them to focus on the imaginative aspect before moving on to the precision of cutting.

This way, their designs can come to life with vibrant colors and imaginative details, making the entire crafting journey a delightful adventure for the little ones.

7 Easy Snow Globe Craft Template Ideas

It is always nice to get an idea of how to use our snow globe outlines or see other related activities.

I hope the following snow globe craft ideas will inspire you.

Therefore here are 7 Simple Snow Globe Crafts Activities to keep you and your children entertained during the cold winter:

  1. Snow Globe Coloring Pages
  2. Snow Globe Stencils
  3. DIY Snow Globe Card
  4. Fingertip Snow Globes
  5. Puffy Paint Snow Globes
  6. Photo Snow Globes
  7. Travel Journey Snow Globes

1. Snow Globe Coloring Pages

The easiest way of using our templates is as simple snow globe coloring pages.

Take our biggest snow globe outline printable and turn it into an easy snow globe picture to color.

The larger the picture of a snow globe, the easier smaller kids can stay inside the lines.

In case you have older children or students just use the smaller snow globe printables to make it more challenging.

But if you are tired of just coloring the snowglobes, you could also try one of these 25 Fun Painting Ideas for kids.

Take a look at the full list and get inspired!

snow globe craft template

2. Snow Globe Stencils

Using our snow globe printouts as stencils is also an easy way to make an adorable snow globe winter craft.

I recommend using the smaller or medium-sized snow globe outlines to repurpose them into snow globe stencils.

Our most loved painting technique for stencils is using old toothbrushes.

With the help of liquid colors such as watercolors, finger paint, or acrylic colors, you can create beautiful snow globe artwork.

You can find the full instructions and complete Toothbrush Technique Guide here. Enjoy!

free printable snowglobe templates

3. DIY Snow Globe Printable Card Idea

Do you want to send out a Christmas card? Why not turn our snow globe printable into a winter wonderland DIY card?

To create a card I recommend printing our snow globe craft template on thicker paper. I would go either with a lighter colored paper such as baby blue.

For a snow globe card project, I also recommend using our medium-sized snow globe template even if not the largest size.

Let your children cut it out and decorate it. On the back side, you can help them write their greetings to family and friends.

For more DIY Christmas Card Ideas and 50+ Christmas Card Messages for kids. Go check out our tutorial here.

The matching Snow Quotes for your card can be found here.

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4. Fingertip Snow Globes Template Art Idea

This finger paint project is the perfect snow globe craft for toddlers and preschoolers.
I like it since younger kids like toddlers can participate.

With your help or maybe even by themselves, they can create a snowman with finger paint.
To add the snow simply let them use a Q-tip and dip them into their white fingerprint.

What do you think? Isn’t it the perfect snow globe preschool activity or even a home project?

finger print snowman snow globe winter craft

5. Puffy Paint Snow Globes

For this snow globe activity, you will have to buy or make your own puff paint.

It gives a nice 3D effect to our snow globe craft template. You will find in the link above the instructions to make your own puff paint.

While your kids are crafting with our snowglobe craft template you can make the paint quick yourself.

Afterward, they can use it as snow on their snow globe pictures.

puffy paint snow globe craft

6. Photo Snow Globe Template Idea

To make this snowglobe printable project a little bit more personal add a picture of your students or children inside.

Let them color and paint them prior to it and with a hole on top you can even easily turn it into a snowglobe Christmas tree ornament and gift it for Christmas.

photo snow globe craft for Christmas

7. Travel Journey Snow Globe

Did your children enjoy their winter break?
I m sure they did and so did you. Let them tell you about their adventures with this easy snow globe project.

Give every student a large snow globe printout and let them draw their Christmas adventures inside their snowglobe.

Maybe they went on a trip, like to tell you about their Christmas gifts, or they really liked to go sledding with their siblings.

Let them draw whatever they like and tell you about their winter adventure afterward.

You loved crafting with our easy snow globe templates but like to learn now how to draw a snow globe yourself?
Then go check out this fun snow globe art tutorial with your kids next.

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