Free Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages and Templates

Nine Free Snowflake Coloring Pages for kids of all ages.

Simply download these easy snowflake patterns and start your next snowflake craft project.

Let’s dive right in.

snowflakes coloring sheets

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Free Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages

Start this winter season with these adorable snowflake coloring sheets. Simply splash them with color, use them as window decoration, start a new snowflake craft, or teach your children about snow crystals.

Either way, your kids will have a great time.

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How to Download Your Free Printable Snowflake Templates

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Snowflake Template Ideas

Our free printable snowflake templates can be used in many different ways. Here I want to inspire you with some great snowflake template ideas:

  1. Salt Snowflakes
  2. Q-Tip Snowflakes
  3. Cut and Past Snowflakes
  4. Craft Sticks Snowflakes
  5. DIY Snowflake Decoration

1. Salt Snowflakes

Did you ever paint with salt? You should give it a try, it is so much fun and our snowflake templates are perfect for it.

Simply use Elmer glue and use it on our free snowflake pattern. Springle the glued parts with plenty of salt and let it try. After removing the additional salt you can start painting.

It is such fun. You can find the full instruction for Salt Painting here.

2. Q-Tip Snowflakes

Print out our templates with snowflakes. Take glue and q-tips and attach them along with the patterns.
It is such a simple but stunning snowflake preschool craft. Give it a try.

3. Cut and Past Snowflakes

A cut and past project make the perfect snowflake toddler craft out of our templates. Especially when your children love tearing paper.

Simply give them paper in different shades of blue and let them tear it into small pieces. Afterward, take your snowflake template printout and let them attach glue to it. Now it is time to attach your small pieces.

I love to buy purple Elmar glue for this activity. This way your child can see where they already used glue.

4. Craft Sticks Snowflakes

If this weren’t enough snowflake craft ideas for you yet, try our snowflake template printables with craft sticks.

It is the same concept as with q-tips with the difference that you let your children paint them with nice colors first.

Then attach them with liquid glue to our snowflake coloring pages. We even enjoy adding glitter to them and within minutes you pimped your snowflakes.

5. DIY Snowflake Decoration

Our free snowflakes to color do not only make a cute winter art project but also adorable winter DIY decorations.

After coloring or decorating them nicely, they need to be cut out. Now you can attach them with clear tape to your children’s windows or use them as templates with snow spray. Another option would be to attach strings to them and let them hang from the roof or turn them into snowflake garlands.

Either way, both options will turn your room into an adorable winter wonderland!

But our snowflake coloring pages make not only nice winter decorations but can also be used as Disney Frozen party decorations all year round.

All these fun snowflake template crafts are so fun for kids. If our snowflake craft ideas weren’t enough for you, go and check out how to make 3d snowflakes here:


If you are planning to use our free snowflake color pages in addition to learning more about snow and crystals, or simply to read a nice winter story, go and check out these great winter books for kids:


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Free Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages

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