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Easy Hammer Painting for Kids

Enjoy this Easy Hammer Painting Project with your kids.

Use our free birthday cake coloring pages and turn them with a hammer into adorable cards for special occasions.

Let’s dive right in.

paint hammer project

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What is Hammer Painting

You might have stumbled over this post and it made you curious. What is hammer painting?

It is pretty simple: Hammer painting is a fun process art project for kids.
As the name already indicates, for this technique, a hammer is used to paint.
The hammer can be used to smash calks or liquid paint to create artwork or simply as a paintbrush for liquid colors.

All three options work well with a hammer but for this article, I like to show you in detail how smash art with a hammer works.

Hammer Painting Safety

But before we get started I like to talk about safety for this hammer painting project.

Hammering can be tricky, especially for younger children. To avoid unnecessary accidents I like to point out the most important rules for hammer safety for children:

  • always wear safety goggles for striking tools
  • always inspect your hammer before using it
  • never use a damaged hammer
  • keep your work area clear

These and more safety rules can be found here.

To avoid accidents it is also important that your children learn how to use a hammer safely. This article tells you all you need to know. Have a look here.

Safe Hammering!

Benefits of Hammering for Children

I do not have to explain that hammering is a practical life skill with many benefits.

Here are three hammering benefits:

  1. develops hand-eye coordination
  2. strengthens hands
  3. teaches the importance of following rules and safety

These and more positive impacts of hammering for your children can be found here.

How to Make a Hammer Painting

But let’s get back to our smash hammering project. Here is what you need to create beautiful hammering paintings:

Hammer Painting Materials

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DIY Hammer Painting Instructions

Step 1: Download Free Printable Birthday Cake Coloring Pages

Either print our free cake coloring pages for this painting hammer project or use normal white or black paper.

Step 2: Prepare Your Workstation

Before we get started it is time to prepare your child’s workspace.

This hammer paint project can be messy so we advise using old newspapers, cardboard boxes, or a baking sheet under your paper.

The benefit of using an old baking sheet is that you can easily remove your finished project and set it to try somewhere else.

It also provides your child with a nice clicking sound while hammering the paint. What always adds extra fun to this simple hammer art project?

Step 3: Color Your Cake Printable (Optional)

In case you are using our free cake printables, let your kids color them nicely first

Step 4: Prepare Chalk

Simply soak your chalk in water before hammering. This way the chalks break more easily and ensure to color of your paper!

Ideally, use leftover chalks and break them into small pieces. You will find it more difficult to hammer bigger pieces with the same result.

hammer painting

Step 5: Add Chalk

Now your child can add the soaked chalk to the paper or on top of the cake firework.

birthday cake chalk hammer painting

Step 6: Hammer Paints

Next, it is time to hammer your chalk spots. Your kids will love it!

Step 7: Try

After your child is done hammering, let your hammer painting try.

birthday cake hammer painting

Step 8: Gift it

Your cake art project is now finished. At some personal writing, it will make a perfect birthday card, 4th of July craft, or even a nice firework project for New Year’s Eve. The possibilities are endless!

Hammer Painting Tips

1. Liquid Paint Hammer Project

Instead of using chalk why don’t you try liquid finger colors instead? Just simply be aware it is a little bit more of a mess but just as fun!

easy paint hammer project

2. Toy Hammer

Use a small hammer for kids. Children’s hammers are a little bit bigger, not as heavy, and fit children’s hands perfectly.

That way nobody is getting hurt and frustrated during this wonderful hammer painting activity!

3. Hammer Painting Rules

Before you get started you always should talk with your children about the safety rules on how to use a hammer and how important it is to follow them and your instructions.

This way accidents can be avoided and children learn the right way to handle tools.

How to Download Your Cake Coloring Pages

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