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Free Printable Pirate Coloring Pages

Do your kids enjoy Jack the pirate or love treasure hunts? Then they will love these Free Printable Pirate Coloring Pages.

Simply download or print these adorable pirate-themed coloring pages and let the fun begin.

They include pirate skull printables, pirate ships, treasure chest coloring pages, etc.

Let’s dive right in.

Free Printable Pirate Coloring Pages

Free Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirates are dangerous and fascinating to many grown-ups and children. Their adventures and treasure hunts are the centers of many books and movies.

If your children love adventures, download these simple pirate coloring pages for them and read an exciting story on the next rainy afternoon. They will love it!

Those pirate coloring sheets also make the perfect addition to your pirate-themed birthday party.

Let’s find out below how you can download them!

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How to Download Your Pirate Coloring Pages

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free pirate coloring sheets

Did our pirate coloring pages inspire you? Then check out this video and learn how to draw your own pirate ship.

Pirate Party Ideas

Our pirate coloring pages make a fun addition to any pirate party. They keep your children busy while calming down from their pirate adventure.

Here are some other great pirate ideas for your next party:

  1. Pirate Invitations
  2. Treasure hunt
  3. DIY pirate hat
  4. Pirate pin patch game
  5. Message in a bottle

Pirate Invitations

Turn our pirate colouring pages into invitations for your next pirate party. Simply let your children color our pirate printouts, turn them around, and write your invite on the back. Super easy!

Treasure Hunt

Every good pirate party needs a treasure hunt. Use our pirates to color pages as clues to lead the children from stop to stop till they find their treasure.

DIY Pirate Hat

With a couple of steps, you can easily fold your own captain hats out of our fun pirate coloring sheets. Just make sure to color them first, it makes it much easier.

Pirate Pin Patch Game

With the help of a couple of bandaids, you can play the pirate pin patch game. Pin our Captain Jack coloring pages to the wall, then blindfold your player.

Let him try to attach the bandaids to Captain Jack while being blind. It is so much fun!

Message in a Bottle

This is such a fun pirate craft.

First, collect empty plastic bottles and clean them out. Then print our coloring sheets pirates and color them.

Write a secret message on the back and roll them so they fit in your bottles. Afterward, put them into the bottle and send them away for someone to find.

Pin These Free Pirate Coloring Sheets

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