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DIY Firework Art for Kids

Updated: Nov 15

Art Project

Easy DIY Craft for Kids:

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The 4th of July is coming up and what better way of getting in holiday mood is a firework craft for the kids. Or if you live overseas, try it for New Year Eve. It's super easy and even manageable for toddlers.

Here is what you need for this art project:

  • paper

  • paint

  • drinking straws

  • tape

  • brush

  • paper plate

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Let's create our own firework:

Step 1:

Stretch your straws out as far as they go and group them together in your hand.

Step 2:

Bend them so they stick out as shown on the picture

Step 3:

Use the tape and secure it around in the middle and button of the straw bundle.

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Step 4:

Either use a brush and paint on the bend pieces of the straw with blue, red, and white or let the kids dip the straws into the paint.

Step 5:

Now use the straws as stamps to create your fireworks. Sometimes you have to press down on each straw individually if the color doesn't show.

Step 6:

Now just let it try and enjoy your firework art project together with your children.

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