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Easy Treat Fruit Sparkler Recipe

Updated: Nov 15

Snack Recipe

Easy Treat Fruit Sparklers Recipe

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This easy treat recipe is perfect for any summer bbq or party. It will catch everyone's eyes, especially on Independence Day or Memorial Day celebrations. It's super easy to make and even your kids can help to prepare.

Here is what you need:

  • Ripe watermelon

  • Fresh blueberries

  • 1 star cookie cutter

  • toothpicks or any type of bamboo skewers

  • 1 knife

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Let's create our treat:

Step 1:

Cut the watermelon in 1-inch slices big enough for your stars.

Step 2:

Take the cookie cutter and cut stars from the flesh of the watermelon.

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Step 3:

Thread washed blueberries on your skewers but leave enough space on both ends.

Step 4:

Attach your watermelon stars to the top of your bamboo skewers and place the treats in the refrigerator till it's time to serve them.

This delicious treat is always a full success with my kids, especially on the 4th of July. More fun activities for Independence Day can be found here. 

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