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Free Printable Reward Charts for Kids

Six adorable Printable Reward Charts for toddlers and kids.

Simply print one of our themed sticker charts and improve your child’s behavior.

Let’s dive right in.

printable reward charts for kids

Free Printable Reward Charts

Looking for encouraging ways to potty train or improve your children’s behavior?

These rewarding charts printables will help you on your journey.

As a mom of 3, I know that potty training can be difficult and bad habits are hard to break. Nevertheless, there are positive improvement tweaks that work. Sticker reward charts are one of them!

Our achievement charts are a perfect way to teach toddlers and kids positive behavior and can also be used in a classroom setting.

These themed rewards charts include dinosaurs, transportation, farm, unicorn, smile, and crazy fruit themes.

Simply download the preferred theme. For best results, print these blank reward charts on card stock.

And if you are laminating them, then it will last even longer.

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What is a Reward Chart?

A reward chart is a tool to change children’s behavior. With the help of positive feedback, you reward your children’s achievements and lead them in the right direction.

Reward charts exist in different forms such as magnetic charts, posters, apps, etc.

After setting your child’s goals, such as using the potty, saying please and thank you, cleaning their rooms, etc., they show you how often they have been reached.

Each time your child reaches his goal, you mark it on the reward charts with a pen, sticker, or in your app.

When an upfront agreed-on amount is achieved, your children get a reward.

Benefits of Reward Charts

Reward charts have four big benefits:

  1. Keep children motivated
  2. Encourage positive behavior
  3. Discourage negative behavior
  4. Reward new skills

Learning new behaviors can be challenging for children. With reward charts show them their progress and together with a reward it helps to keep the children motivated.

They also help you encourage wanted ‘good’ behavior or reward newly learned skills, while at the same time discouraging not wanted ‘bad’ behavior.

How do Reward Charts Work?

But how do you reinforce good behavior with reward charts? Here is a quick step-by-step instruction on how to use a reward chart:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Pick a chart
  3. Choose a reward
  4. Award good behavior

The first step, which is probably the most important part of starting a reward chart, is setting a goal.

To avoid frustrations on both sides, the goals need to be realistic with a clear description.

Avoiding setting goals too high is crucial. Unrealistic expectations only lead to frustration on both ends.

Do not expect a 2-year-old to empty the dishwasher for example.

Communicate in clear, positive words the set goals so your child knows what is expected and there are no miscommunications.

Second, choose a reward chart style and theme that suits you and if possible include your child by letting them pick a reward chart template or reward stickers for short-term rewards.

Afterward, it is time to pick a ‘real’ reward your child will enjoy. This can be everything from a small toy or book, a lollipop, TV time, or a visit to the museum or library, as long as it is something your child is getting excited about.

Now when your child knows what is expected from it and how exactly he can earn his reward it is time for the work.

Encourage him through positive feedback to reach his goals and when done so reward him with your short-term reward.

After he reaches his agreed-upon amount, make sure to reward him right away with his promised treasure.

How to Move on from Reward Charts?

Reward charts work because they help focus on your child’s positive behavior.

But you can not reward your child forever for their good behavior. You might wonder when it is time to move on from reward charts.

Once your child’s set goal is achieved you can gradually stop using your reward chart.

It is not recommended to stop your reward system all at once, to avoid stepbacks. Instead, you can increase the lengths of the chart or only give stickers once a day instead of each time they are using the potty or saying thank you.

If you are still not sure how to use a reward chart, go check out this video full of tips:

Reward Chart Templates

How to Download Your Printable Reward Charts

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Tips for our printable Reward Charts

  • Of course, you can use your own stickers too. Simply print the theme chart you like and use your own stickers.
  • The charts with the day of the week are perfect for classroom settings and older children.

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printable sticker charts for toddlers


These sticker chart printables are created by Misty.

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