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Learning Colors with Do a Dot Printables – Free Preschool Color Learning Worksheets

Learn the colors with our fun color do a dot printables. Use our color learning worksheets and teach your children colors.

Use them together with do a dot markers or loose parts.
Let’s get started.

preschool color learning worksheets

Learn Colors Do a Dot Printables

Have you ever tried using dot pages with your children before? They’re one of the most versatile and low prep activities out there and make for the perfect printable activity for your toddler or preschooler!

Simply print our learning color worksheets below and pick from the multiple easy ways to use the dot pages! You can find these pages often in different colors, themes, and holiday versions making it the perfect printable activity year-round! 

Some of our favorite ways to use dot pages are listed and shown below!

How to Use Do a Dot Pages

Do a Dot Markers

The most classic way to use dot pages is with dot markers! Have your child take his or her dot marker and fill in the dots!

green do a dot printables

Playdough Balls

Next, and a fan favorite, is using playdough balls to fill the dots! Every toddler and preschooler loves to explore play-doh and this puts his or her fine motor skills to work!

Have your child count out how many balls he or she needs of play dough to fill the dots. Then have him or her begin to roll that many dough balls. It is the perfect way to add counting to the learning and exploration of the dot pages.

Finally, have your child use the playdough balls to do dot counting as he or she fills in the dots! 

Did you know you can make your own playdough? It is super easy. Go check out our recipe here:

purple do a dot printables


Another favorite of toddlers and preschoolers is stickers! Put your child’s love of stickers to good use by using them alongside do a dot pages!

Supply your child with dot stickers and have him or her use dot stickers to fill in the dots. Your child will really put his or her fine motor skills to work here as they try and place the stickers in exactly the right way on the dot pages.

Loose Parts

Have you ever tried playing with loose parts? Loose parts are open-ended materials that a child can manipulate, move, and adapt in play and exploration.

Loose parts can be found in nature such as rocks and shells or be made such as wooden loose parts. We love using our wooden loose parts to fill in our dot pages.

This way we can reuse our dot pages over and over! We love to use our loose parts and dot pages to explore numbers by counting out how many we will need to fill the dot page and then placing them on the page!

blue do a dot printables

Pom Poms

Another toddler and preschool favorite activity has to be gluing. We often use our dot pages with pom poms and glue. Have your child place glue dots inside the dot on the dot page and then cover with pom poms! 

Yellow do a dot printables


Saved for last is using paint and your child’s fingertip! It’s definitely the messiest one but oh so much fun!

Supply your child with a small amount of paint and have him or her fill in the dots on the dot pages with his or her fingertips! It makes for the most perfect printable craft! 

orange do a dot printables

Benefits of Do a Dot Printables

These fun do-a-dot activities make not only a perfect color matching activity but also a perfect fine motor activity.

Did you know that using dot markers like this is amazing for writing and pre-writing skills? It helps strengthen and develop the muscles used for writing! 

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