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Free Printable Leprechaun Hat Template and Coloring Pages

Our Free Printable Leprechaun Hat Templates are an ideal St. Patrick’s Day project for your home or in the classroom.

It includes a free leprechaun hat coloring page and a template to make your own leprechaun hat to wear.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired!

leprechaun hat templates

Free Leprechaun Hat Template and Coloring Page

Use our fun leprechaun coloring page or make a leprechaun hat DIY for St. Patrick’s Day. Either way, your children will have a fun afternoon of crafting.

Below I added also some fun facts about leprechauns do not forget to listen to the myth I added below.


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What is a Leprechaun Hat Called?

Before we start crafting let’s clarify what a leprechaun hat is and what it is called.

A leprechaun hat is commonly called Irish cap and has many names such as Irish tweed or newsboy cap, scully cap, ivy cap, cabbie cap, etc.

Now we know it comes with many names, let’s explain next what a leprechaun hat is. A leprechaun hat is a green cylinder hat with a black band and a golden buckle. It is worn in the myth of the Irish leprechaun.

How to Make a Leprechaun Hat Step-By-Step

This leprechaun activity is super fun and makes the perfect DIY St. Patrick’s day hat to wear for grown-ups and children.

Let me show you now how to make a paper leprechaun hat. First, we have to see what kind of supplies are needed for our leprechaun hat craft:

Leprechaun Hat Materials

  • Free Leprechaun Hat Printable (found below)
  • white or colored paper (green, gold, black)
  • coloring pencils (green, gold, black)
  • scissor
  • glue

Leprechaun Hat Instructions

Step 1: Leprechaun Hat Printout

Begin with printing out our Leprechaunt hat template on white paper

free printable leprechaun hat template

Step 2: Cut out

Then cut out the leprechaun hat outlines.

Step 3: Trace (optional)

Now use your cutouts as stencils and trace them on colored paper.

Use your leprechaun picture to see which colors are needed for which part of the leprechaun hat. But mainly the cylinder and the two headband pieces need to be green, just as the clover. The smaller rectangle will be a black band from the leprechaun hat and the buckle in yellow or gold.

This step is optional if you do not have colored paper.

Step 4: Color

In case you didn’t have colored paper and you like to skip step 3, take your markers and color your leprechaun hat cutouts.

leprechaun hat diy

Step 5: Glue

Now it is time to glue your pieces all together. Start by taking your cylinder and attaching the green headbands by gluing them to the bottom. Above attach the black band with the golden buckle and add the clover.

Step 6: Adjust the Headband

At last, we have to adjust the headbands to your or your children’s head and glue them together in the back.

Now you turned your easy leprechaun hat printable into a fun St. Patrick’s day hat to wear. What do you think?

leprechaun hat template

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5 Fun Leprechaun Facts for Kids

I always try to add a small homeschooling lesson to every project we do. This leprechaun hat template is the perfect opportunity to tell your children the myth about the green leprechaun or teach them about St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are 5 Leprechaun Facts for Kids to satisfy their curiosity:

  1. A leprechaun is a type of fairy, gnome, or elf-like creature.
  2. The leprechaun is an Irish myth.
  3. He has a red beard, a green hat with a golden buckle, a green coat, gold button trousers, and shiny black shoes.
  4. Leprechauns are a popular symbol for St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. They live in woodlands and forests and are very fast.

If you like to know more about the leprechaun, go check out the myth of the leprechaun here:

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