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Free Printable Umbrella Templates

Our Free Printable Umbrella Templates are ideal for any weather activity, coloring, and crafting at home or in a classroom setting.

They include small, medium, and large umbrella printables.

Check out our umbrella craft ideas below and get inspired.
Let’s dive right in!

free printable umbrella templates

Free Umbrella Templates in Small, Medium, and Large

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Umbrella Outline Printables

Umbrella Craft Materials

  • Free Printable Umbrella Template PDF (found below)
  • white paper
  • scissor
  • crayons
  • glue

6 Easy Umbrella Craft Ideas

Here are some fantastic inspirations on how to use our free umbrella craft templates. To make it easier for you, I will sort the ideas by the size of our umbrella printouts and lesson ideas.

Small Umbrella Cut Out Templates

Why not use our small umbrella templates for your next counting lesson on a rainy day?

Craft the whole sheet together with your children first and then practice counting the numbers with them. Tell them a number, or show them number flashcards and let them count their craft umbrellas.

Super easy isn’t it?

Medium Umbrella Craft Templates

Get ready for Spring:

The medium-sized umbrella cut outs make are ideal for the classroom. They are not too small or too small. Let them color them nicely and cut them to practice their motor skills. Crafts do not always have to be difficult or fancy to be fun!

Large Umbrella Templates

My children love to use our large umbrella printables like coloring pages.

We love to color them in bright colors and decorate them nicely. Especially glitter is very popular in our house.

But this large printable umbrella is also perfect for other different weather painting activities.

The other day we used them to paint with salt. Yes, you can paint with salt, and let me tell you it is so much fun! Here is my free Salt Painting Tutorial for you. Go check it out.

Another great painting activity for our weather templates would be using Pensil Erasers as Stamps for it or creating your own Pom-Pom Paintbrush.

As you can see the large umbrella pages to color are not only geared to younger children. Here are 20 more Kids Painting Activities to get inspired by.

free printable umbrella coloring pages

Umbrella Patterns

All three template sizes are working well with our next umbrella activity. Use our printables to draw beautiful umbrella patterns on them.

The thinner the tip of the markers is for this umbrella project, the neater the patterns will turn out. This is a wonderful calming activity and supports the creativity of your children.

You might even enjoy this yourself. Why not sit down together with your children and create your own umbrella pattern printable?

Sing about Rain

Time for your own storytime. You do not always have to go to the library for storytime. Simply make your own storytime at home. This activity is very convenient, especially on rainy days or when it is cold and do not want to go outside anyhow.

All you need for this activity is a weather-related book and our umbrella cut out templates.

I would recommend using the small umbrella outline printables for your story and crafting them upfront.

Start your storytime by singing the song “Rain, Rain, Go Away” and talking with your children about the weather. Use your prepared umbrella crafts and use them while singing, explaining, and reading a story. It will help your children visualize and remember better.

You are not familiar with the song “Rain, Rain, Go Away”? Do not worry, it is a pretty easy song. Listen to it here:

Weather Crafts

Our umbrella cut out printables are also an ideal addition to every weather project. For example, use our small umbrella printables for your own weather chart.

Here is our free Weather Chart template for you to use. Go check it out!

Use this chance to talk with your child about the weather today and teach them how to dress accordingly.

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free umbrella printables

Now it is your turn.
How did your kids enjoy their umbrella printable templates?
Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.
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Sunday 26th of February 2023

Thank you for the great template and the ideas to go along with it!

Lil Tigers

Monday 27th of February 2023

I m very happy you like them! Thank you so much for your kind words. Regards Susanne from Lil Tigers