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75+ Best Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

Here are 75+ Best Weather Crafts and Activities kids will like.

Our list includes free printable weather charts and craft templates, weather science experiments, weather sensory activities, and many other weather ideas for kids of all ages.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired.

easy weather crafts for kids

15 Freaky Weather Facts for Kids

Before we start with our weather craft for kindergarten and preschool let’s check out some weather facts for your kids or students first.

Learning about the weather doesn’t need to be boring.

You can make it for example more interesting by fascinating your children with one of those freaky weather facts.

  1. You can tell the temperature by counting a cricket’s chirps!
  2. Sandstorms can swallow up entire cities.
  3. Dirt mixed with wind can make black blizzards (dust storms).
  4. Raindrops can be the size of a housefly and fall at more than 30km/h.
  5. There are about 2,000 thunderstorms on Earth every minute.
  6. A mudslide can carry rocks, trees, vehicles, and even entire buildings!
  7. Mild autumn weather often means bigger spiders in homes.
  8. Did you know, that heatwaves can make train tracks bend?
  9. Wildfires sometimes create tornadoes made of fire (fire whirls).
  10. Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption.
  11. Hurricanes can push more than 6m of water to shore.
  12. Worms come up from underground when it floods.
  13. A thunderstorm can produce up to 160km/h winds!
  14. Cape Farewell in Greenland is the windiest place on earth.
  15. The coldest temperature ever officially recorded was -89.2°C.

These and more freaky weather facts can be found here.

Weather Books for Kids

So now that we learned more about the weather, let’s have a look at some great weather books next.

All About Weather

A First Weather Book for Kids.

Perfect 1st weather book for toddlers, preschool, and/or kindergarten!

Little Kids First Big Book of Weather

Why Is It Important to Teach Your Children About The Weather

You might wonder why to bother with teaching your children about the weather.

Learning about the weather brings many different benefits for your children.

By simply watching the weather and talking about it kids will develop observation skills, learn new vocabulary, and get to know different weather conditions.

That will help them to prepare for the weather outside and dress accordingly.

It also gives them a chance to learn about our climate and mother earth.

Easy Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

After learning so many new facts about the weather, let’s get started with our weather craft activities next.

The following weather crafts include everything from free printable weather templates to crafting with paper plates, weather art projects, and more.


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Fun Weather Crafts

Here is our list of weather crafts.

You will find everything from free printable weather craft templates, weather art projects, Kindergarten weather crafts, crafts for elementary students, and preschoolers.

You will learn to craft with paper plates, drinking straws, finger color, and all kinds of craft materials.

First, you will find several featured craft weather activities with pictures and a short introduction.

Followed by a list of more fun weather projects you can do at home or add to your school schedule.

Happy Crafting!

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Weather Activities

Check out all these fun weather activities including weather sensory bins and bottles, weather experiments, weather charts, and many more.

Get inspired to teach your children about our climate.

For visual learners, go check out the following video and see how these 5 weather science experiments work.

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