45+ Cute Penguin Sayings and Quotes

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Here are 45+ motivational Penguin sayings, phrases, and captions for kids to bring important lessons as spirit animals.

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7 Fun Penguin Facts for Kids

Before we get started with our penguin inspirational quotes, let’s learn first about these cute polar animals first.

Here are 7 Amazing Penguin Facts your kids probably didn’t know!

  1. Penguins weigh between 2lbs and 80lbs.
  2. Penguins have flippers not wings.
  3. Penguins are threatened by climate change.
  4. The black and white color of penguins is actually for camouflage.
  5. Penguins get 15-20 years old.
  6. Penguins eat krill.
  7. Each penguin has a unique call.

Penguins are adorable creatures. They can get between 15 to 20 years old and weigh between 2 and 80lbs.

Most penguins mainly eat krill and squid in their diet.

Their black and white colors help them to blend in with their natural environment.
With the white belly, predators can’t distinguish them from the sky above, while their black coloring allows them to blend in with the water from the sky.

Penguins are birds, never the less they have flippers and not wings.
They can not fly with them which makes them excellent swimmers.

Sadly climate change threatens penguins.

With melding ice, they have less stable ice upon which their young can hatch.
Each penguin is unique and has its own voice. Scientists believe that helps them identify each other in large crowds.

I found this blog post about these amazing facts about penguins here. If you like to learn more, go check it out!

Penguin Symbolism

Penguins are highly symbolic animals.

They show how to embrace changes and not be afraid, ways to get through tough times, and encourage us to adapt to new situations.

The penguin also symbolism includes intuition, dreams, evolations, resourcefulness, and contrast.

To read more about the symbolism of penguins go here.

Penguin Books for Kids

Penguins are quite interesting cute little things for sure. If you want to know more about them, look at these great books.

If you prefer storybooks, go check out these penguin stories instead:

Penguin Quotes for Kids

Time for our penguin sayings and jokes.
You will find funny penguin quotes, penguin sayings, penguin captions, penguin lines, penguin inspirational quotes, and more.

Quotes About Penguins

Here are our Best Penguin Quotes for you:

  • It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry – Joe Moore
  • Always be yourself unless you can be a penguin, then always be a penguin – Author Unknown
  • Like a soulmate, he’s your penguin. – Christina Perri
  • Penguins can’t fly. I can’t fly, therefore I m a penguin!- Author Unknown
  • Penguin is my spirit animal – Author Unknown
  • Penguins can’t fly. They can do something other penguins can’t do. They can swim! – Author Unknown
  • Be with someone who brings out the best penguin in you! – Author Unknown
  • I think penguins are the most human of all the birds, which may be why people love them. They’re cute, they stand upright and they look like they’re wearing tuxedos. – Shia LaBeouf
  • No matter what I do with my life, or how successful I am, I will always be a socially awkward penguin inside. – Wil Wheaton
  • I’ll always defend the people I love even though I’m as terrifying as a baby penguin. – Niall Horan

She smiled with the warmth of a penguin.

Kim Harrison
  • They said you are a bird, and birds should soar high. So I spread my wings, and decided to touch the sky. Foolish me, for I am a penguin, and penguins can never fly. – Shon Mehta
  • I’m fortunate to know a lot of incredibly talented people, and they all want to be a penguin. – Bob Saget
penguin quotes for kids

Penguin Sayings for Kids

How about these cute penguin sayings for kids nexts?

  • If ever I need to have backup dancers, I want the penguins from Madagascar – Ed Sheeran
  • A penguin cannot become a giraffe, so just be the best penguin you can be. – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • What’s the two things they tell you are healthiest to eat? Chicken and fish. You know what you should do? Combine them, eat a penguin. – Dave Attell
  • I want to be your personal penguin. Please? – Sandra Boynton
  • I’ve never been in love, but if a penguin can find a soul mate, I’m sure I can, too. – Rebekah Crane
  • Once a penguin finds its perfect other penguin, they stay together pretty much forever. – Anna Staniszewski
  • I know what nuns are, kind of. It’s just I never saw one. I didn’t know they looked like penguins. – Lesley Howarth
  • Penguins mate for life. Which doesn’t really surprise me, because they all look exactly alike. It’s not like they’re gonna meet a better-looking penguin someday. – Ellen DeGeneres
  • The answer to every problem involved penguins. – Rick Riordan
  • Penguins are an indicator of the health of our watery planet, and if they are unable to survive, we had better take notice or we might find our own survival threatened. – Roger Tory Peterson

One can’t be angry when one looks at a penguin.

John Ruskin
  • A penguin cannot be a giraffe, so just be the best penguin you can be. – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Take it all in all. I do not believe anybody on earth has a worse time than an Emperor penguin. – Apsley Cherry-Garrard
  • Our wings serve as flippers that carry us across the ocean; not in the sky! Why, us penguins have so much fun time in the water, we don’t even want to fly! – Jasmin Martin
Penguin sayings for kids

Penguin Phrases

You also might enjoy these cool penguin phrases:

  • Penguins mate for life. Which doesn’t really surprise me that much, because they all look exactly alike. It’s not like they’re gonna meet a better looking penguin one day. – Ellen DeGeneres
  • You can’t not be happy around penguins. You’re unfortunately happy and cold but the happiness makes up for the coldness. – Carla Gugino
  • Because penguins are so beloved, they are uniquely capable of teaching us about love for the natural world. – Charles Bergman
  • Penguins are living lessons in caring for the earth and its creatures, in all their beauty and vulnerability. – Charles Bergman
  • How could there be penguins if nothing existed yet? – David S. Atkinson
  • You can’t train a penguin to act. You kind of have to take what you get. – James Tupper
  • Ford, you’re turning into a penguin. Stop it. – Douglas Adams
catchy penguin puns

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Penguin Jokes

Do you prefer more funny penguin quotes? Then check out these penguin jokes next:

  • How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together.
  • What does the penguin waiter say? Waddle it be?
  • What do penguins eat for lunch? Icebergers.
  • How do penguins know when there’s something wrong? It smells a bit fishy.
  • Two cows standing in a field, one says to the other, “You worried about that mad cow disease?” The other cow says, “No, I’m a penguin.”
  • I was going to make a joke about penguins. Then I realized it just won’t fly.
  • What’s black and white and spins around? A penguin in a washing machine.
  • Why don’t you ever see penguins in England? They’re afraid of Wales.
  • What kind of fish do penguins catch at night? Starfish.

Who is the penguin’s favorite aunt?

Aunt Arctica
cute penguin phrases

Did you like these penguin lines and jokes? I thought so. I hope you enjoy them!

Instead of buying a card for them, go check out our Penguin Craft Templates and make your own DIY card for your quotes on penguins.

To find more quotes for kids go check out our full list of different seasons, occasions, and holiday quotes here.

Penguin Activities

Our cute penguin quotes can be used in many ways. They can be used for school lunches, in the wintertime, and while learning about polar animals. There are so many different opportunities to use these cute penguin captions.

If these penguin phrases motivated you to do more with your kids, then check out these fun penguin art and craft projects next:

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