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60 Best Elf on the Shelf Quotes incl. Free Printables

Are you looking for cute Elf on the Shelf quotes? Then you are in the right place!

Here are 60 Elf on the Shelf Sayings for Kids including matching accessories and activities.

Let’s have a look!

funny elf on the shelf quotes for kids

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Elf on the Shelf Facts

Before we get started with our Elf on the Shelf letters, let’s learn a little bit about this elf tradition.

What Is an Elf on the Shelf?

The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition centered around Scout Elves who fly each night to the North Pole to report Santa if each child was naughty or nice.

With their Scout Elf around kids love to maintain their best behavior, to make sure to be on Santa’s nice list!

How Does the Elf on the Shelf Tradition work?

Each Scout Elf arrives at home in a keepsake box set that features a storybook. This book explains how the Elf on the Shelf works.

  • 1. Read the Story and Name your Elf

After your elf arrived at your house read the story to your children, then it is crucial that you name your scout elf.

  • 2. Follow the Rules

There are three rules your family should follow:

  1. Don’t touch your Scout Elf, or they will lose their magic!
  2. Your Elf can’t talk but they are great listeners. Your children can share secrets and wishes with their elves as often as they’d like.
  3. On Christmas Eve it is time to say goodbye to your Scout Elf. All elves will return to Santa to prepare for the next Christmas.
  • 3. Let the Magic Begin

When Scout Elves return each night from the North Pole, they land in a different spot in your home. The founder of the Elf on the Shelf refers to this as “elf ideas.”

Essentially, elf ideas are photos or instructions that inspire elves’ new landing spots or gimmicks. Let your creativity free range.

In case you need some easy ideas, go check out these Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

These and more Elf on the Shelf facts can be found on the official elf page.

Easy Elf on the Shelf Hacks

Once you have set your mind and your family is adapting an Elf on the Shelf the most important thing to remember is to stay calm, don’t panic. There are a couple of Elf on the Shelf tricks you can follow to avoid stress:

  • Keep Calm
  • Plan ahead
  • Use easy Ideas

Check out our list of 12 Easy Elf on the Shelf Hacks and Ideas everyone should know here.

Elf on the Shelf Accessories

I assume you might already have an Elf on the Shelf. Therefore here is a list of fun Elf on the Shelf accessories to spice your adventures up a little bit:

60 Best Elf on the Shelf Quotes for Kids

My kids love their Elf on the Shelf and can’t wait for him to arrive again.

Nevertheless, I have to be honest. It can be exhausting after a long day to move the elf each time.

So let me make it a little bit easier for you. Go check out our cute Elf on the Shelf quotes or maybe even print out our quote cards for your Elf on the Shelf!

Our list of quotes on Elves on the Shelf includes Elf on the Shelf sayings for kids, Elf on the Shelf movie quotes, phrases about Elf on the Shelf, and funny Elf on the shelf puns and captions.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Cute Elf on the Shelf Sayings for Kids

Here are our favorite Elf on the Shelf quotes:

  • Who Wants To Play Hide And Seek?
  • It May Be Cold Outside, But I’m Toasty Inside
  • I only pray that every day is like Christmas day.
  • I just love my elf so much I cannot live without him.
  • Go on and treat your-elf.
  • Have a little elf-estem.
  • This is so elfy. I can almost smell mischief in the air.
  • I am putting this elf on the shelf.
  • I know Santa’s coming. That’s why I hid my elf friends.
  • When you believe in your-elf, all will be well for sure.
  • Naughty or nice?
  • Surround your snowman with elves and let everyone remain happy.
  • It is always fun when you have elves around you.
  • I always knew he was elf-made.
  • Why are you being so elfish?
  • Oh, I Need Real Snow?
funny elf on the shelf quote card printables

Elf on the Shelf Movie Quotes

Check out these movie quotes from “The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf Story!”:

  • “So I guess we have to name it before it gets magic.” – Mom 
  • “I got a special assignment from Santa.” – Elf
  • “Yeah! You’re the elf!” – Elf
  • “This outfit is so last year.” – Elf
  • “Look it’s our very own elf!” – Mom
  • “Sealed with a Hershey kiss.” – Elf 
  • “Can you guys believe this?” – Elf
  • “We’re feeling wild and acting nuts.” – Girl Elf
  • “You already lost him?” – Taylor 
  • “Nighty Night.” – Elf

Did you enjoy our kid’s Elf on the Shelf jokes?
Then go check out these great stocking stuffer ideas for girlsboystoddlers, and kids next.

Quotes on Elf on the Shelf

Enjoy the following quotes about Elf on the Shelf next.

  • Elves just love anything that has candy. Nothing else will do.
  • The elves said that they are here for Christmas.
  • Thank god that my house elf is wishing us good night.
  • I love people who are elf-taught.
  • My elf and I are partners in mischief.
  • Please don’t get your tootsies toasted little elfie.
  • This is an elf quarantine area.
  • That was when my elf made us have all that lemonade.
  • Just wait till you hear my elf’s mesmerizing voice.
  • Have your elf a merry little Christmas.

Funny Elf on the Shelf Captions

Next, have a look at these Elf on the Shelf captions:

  • First One To Cross The Finish Line Is A Winner
  • The Floor Is Lava!
  • Have you ever seen an elf get tired?
  • I love the culture that elves have. It is rich in fun.
  • This is my elf calling Santa for Christmas.
  • Hello, Santa?
  • Yippee Kiy Yay
  • I feel like an elf on the inside.
  • Care to take an elfie, please?
  • Will your elves make it to the nice list this year?
  • We have elf surveillance all around our compound.
  • When You Gotta Go…
free printable Elf on the shelf saying cards

Elf on the Shelf Puns

Do you like these Elf on the Shelf puns?

  • Just be your-elf.
  • Let me take an elfie.
  • Just being my-elf.
  • I’ve got high elf-esteem.
  • I made these cookies all my-elf.
  • Elves are the cutest. Don’t you a-green?
  • I’ve got good elf-control.
  • I’m very elf-sufficient during the holidays.
  • You’ve got to treat yo’elf during the holidays.
  • If Rudolph and an elf became besties, would their BFF nickname be rudelf?

“You’ve got to believe in your elf.”

  • Gaining some elf-confidence.
  • I’ve got a lot of elf-determination.
  • You’ve got to pull your-elf together.

Fun Elf on the Shelf Jokes

If you didn’t like the Elf on the Shelf Quotes, then check out the following Elf on the Shelf Jokes:

  • What was the name of the girl elf on the shelf? Miss Chievous.
  • What brand of cookies does the elf on the shelf like most? Keebler (made by elves with elfin magic)
  • Why is the elf on the shelf’s favorite school subject? Spilling.
  • What do fish call Elf shenanigans leading up to Christmas? Elf on the Shelfish.
  • What was the elf on the shelf’s favorite Olympic event? North Pole-vault
  • How do you let your Elf on the Shelf know you’ve arrived? Ring his jingle bell!
  • What’s the Jewish version of Elf on a Shelf? Mensch on a bench
  • What does the elf on the shelf use to write with on the blackboard? Chalk-olate.
  • How many Elves on the Shelf does it take to change a lightbulb? 10. 1 to change it, 9 to stand on each other’s shoulders!
  • What do you call an Elf on the Shelf wearing a hi vis jacket? Elf and safety!

What should you do if you’re an Elf on the Shelf and you want to use a computer?

First, YULE LOG in!

To check out more Elf on the Shelf Jokes, go check our full list of 160 Elf Jokes including 24 Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Joke Cards here.

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Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Quote Cards for Kids

Did you enjoy our fun Elf on the Shelf quotes for kids? Then print out our 24 Elf on the Shelf saying cards.

Let’s find out how our Elf on the Shelf caption printouts works:

Elf on the Shelf Saying Card Materials

Here is a list of supplies you will need for our printable Elf on the Shelf phrase cards.

free printable Elf on the Shelf cards with Quotes

Elf on the Shelf Quote Card Instructions

Our quotes about Elf on the Shelf printables are pretty self-explaining.

  1. Print your Elf on the Shelf Quote Print Outs (link below)
  2. Cut out your Elf on the Shelf slogan cards.
  3. Each day your Scout Elf appears in a new hiding spot add one of our Elf on the Shelf message cards.

Alternatively, you can also use them as Elf on the Shelf lunch box notes and make your children laugh during their school break.

What do you think? It is a pretty cool idea, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can also use our Elf on the Shelf Letter Template and write our quotes on them yourself. Download these Elf on the Shelf Letter Printables here.

Easy Elf on the Shelf Activities and Winter Crafts

Weren’t our kid’s quotes about the Elf on the Shelf enough for you?

Then how about some more Elf on the Shelf activities or holiday crafts to get into the Christmas mood?

Here is a list of Winter Activities you can make easily at home or in your classroom:

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