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The 20 Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (under 10 Dollars)

Christmas is around the corner. Here are 20 great stocking stuffers for toddlers under 10 dollars.

Let’s take a look and get inspired.

stocking stuffers for toddlers

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Stocking Stuffers Facts

Before we start off with our Stocking Stuffer ideas for toddlers, let’s see what Stocking stuffers are all about:

The Legend

Were you aware that this beloved Christmas tradition goes as far back as 1823 when Clement Clarke Moor wrote “A Visit from Saint Nicolas” and originated from the life of Saint Nicholas? It certainly is!

Here is a short version of the most popular legend of how the Christmas stockings came to be. A widowed man had three beautiful girls. He had a tough time making ends meet and was worried they weren’t able to marry.

St. Nicholas heard about the family. He knew the man wouldn’t take his charity directly, so he decided to slide down the chimney in secret. He filled the girl’s recently laundered stockings and hung them on the fireplace to dry.

Quite interesting isn’t it? And more fascinating information about this essential part of the Christmas tradition can be found here.

Stocking fillers do not always have to be something bought. Here are some great Christmas crafts suitable as stocking stuffers. Let’s start with these adorable Cupcake Liner Christmas Ornaments, make a nice DIY Christmas Card, or print these adorable Snowflake Coloring Pages.

What is a stocking?

But what is a Christmas stocking?

If you are not familiar with this Christmas tradition, a stocking is a sock or shaped bag on St. Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve. It can be filled with stocking stuffers or stocking fillers.

Some cultures use shoes instead of socks they put them in front of the door to be filled.

What are stocking stuffers or stocking fillers?

stocking stuffers and fillers are normally small toys, candy, fruits, and small gifts.

Who brings the stocking stuffers?

That depends on the tradition in some countries the shoes or socks are filled by St. Nicholas in others by Santa Claus or even the parents.

What are traditional stocking stuffers for Toddlers?

Here are 5 traditional stocking stuffer toddler ideas for you

  1. Books
  2. Something Sweet
  3. Small Games
  4. Little Figures/Collectibles from Aktionmovies
  5. Cloth

What to implement?

In the list below you will find great ideas on what we like for our stocking stuffers. We keep it small and simple therefore we always include one of the following categories.

  1. something to read
  2. something to play
  3. something sweet
  4. something useful

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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

But let’s get started now. Here are some of my top picks for this year’s Christmas:

Toddler Stocking Stuffers

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Now it’s your turn!
I hope my toddler Christmas stocking stuffer ideas were useful to you.
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