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3 Super Easy Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts For Toddlers

Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts are super simple, making them perfect for younger children.

Using just a handful of different colored cupcake liners and some glitter. You can make a Christmas tree, an angel, and a sparkly snowflake!

Let’s dive right in.

3 Super Easy Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts For Toddlers

Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts

I love it when we can make crafts using things we already have at home.

At Christmas time it’s so tempting to purchase all the pretty craft things in the shops. But let’s be honest, there are so many things you can make using everyday household items.

These cupcake liner Christmas crafts are the perfect example of how to make the most of what you have!

There are lots of variations for these crafts, so feel free to use these as inspiration for your own versions!

I would always encourage you to use whatever you have and to adapt where you can. It’s a great opportunity for toddlers and preschoolers to use their imagination and get creative.

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How to Make a Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

christmas tree craft

Gather your Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts Supplies

To make this cupcake liner Christmas crafts tree, I pulled out the baking cupboard contents. We used a variety of green cupcake cases in different patterns and sizes.

If you don’t have green you could make a really colorful tree or you simply use white cupcake cases and color them.

Folding your Christmas Cupcake Liners

Taking the largest green cupcake liner (if you have different sizes), fold it in half to make a semi-circle. If you want to make it a little smaller, simply fold in an edge on one side.

Do this for each of the smaller cupcake liners until you reach the final top piece of the Christmas tree. For the final ‘triangle’ I just folded the cupcake liner in half and half again to achieve the narrow top.

The Christmas Tree Base and Topper

I wanted to try and make these crafts using only the cupcake liners and some extra sparkle. So I decided to make the star using a cupcake liner too!

I folded a yellow cupcake until I had a triangle and then cut off some of the lengths. I did the same again with another cupcake case and layered the two triangles over one another.

For the base of the Christmas tree, I used a light brown cupcake liner. I glued it underneath the base of the tree to look like a tree stump – I had considered making more of a bucket shape using a red cupcake liner, but I didn’t have any red, so I improvised!

Making Your Christmas Tree Sparkle

Anyone who has read any of the Craft Tutorials on my blog, you’ll knows that there are two crafting staples that I swear by! The first is googly eyes. They just make any characters come straight to life.

My second crafting stape is glitter – because it can transform the simplest of crafts into sparkly masterpieces! I used to use glitter sparingly because I didn’t like the mess. But after seeing the joy on my daughter’s face, the finished art makes it so worth it.

I tend to add glitter to the edges or to make an outline, but really it doesn’t matter – you can’t really go wrong (unless you cover the whole thing in glitter by accident…!)

These Christmas cupcake liner crafts weren’t enough for you? Then try these 15 Easy Christmas Tree Crafts, Snowflake Coloring Pages, or Snowman Luminaries next.

Making a Cupcake Liner Christmas Angel

christmas angel

Cupcake Liners for your Christmas Angel

For this Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts, I used just a plain white cupcake liner, a couple of yellow liners, and a brown one. If you don’t have these, silver or gold works well for the wings and/or the body of the angel. And the face can be many different shades depending on what you’ve got in the cupboard (although maybe not green!)

Cutting your Christmas Cupcake Liners

The wings and body of the angel are simply made by folding the cupcake liners again. The face and halo of the Christmas angel are made by cutting out the base of the cupcake case (and trimming if a little too big).

Adding Features to your Christmas Angel

Of course, I had to use googly eyes for this! Don’t worry if you don’t have any, drawing then on works just fine, or small buttons make for great eyes! To brighten up the angel’s dress and halo I added glitter on the edges to make it sparkle.

Using a Cupcake Liner to Make a Christmas Snowflake

snowflake craft

I used to love making paper snowflakes as a child but I’d never made one with a cupcake liner before. It worked so well!

Cupcake liners are the perfect size for making some lovely smaller snowflakes that work really well on Christmas cards or for decorations on the tree!

Simple Cupcake Liners for effective Snowflake Craft

This is the simplest of the 3 crafts I’m sharing, but it is an awesome craft for little ones who are developing those all-important fine motor skills. All you need for this one is some plain white cupcake liners and scissors!

How to Fold and Cut Your Cupcake Liners

Keep folding the cupcake liner until you have a small triangle (the smaller you go, the more intricate your snowflake will be – however it may be more difficult for little ones to cut).

I cut a wavy pattern on the curved edge of the triangle so that not all my snowflakes were round when opened. Then I cut small triangles into each side (and snipped a tiny bit off the pointed end so it had a hole in the middle).

The great thing about these kinds of cupcake liner Christmas crafts is that each time you do it they turn out differently. You can have lots of fun experimenting with different cuts and making lots of different patterned snowflakes!

Making your Snowflake Sparkle

To really give your snowflake that glistening snow look, you can add some iridescent glitter (or white if you don’t have any). I just ran the glue stick over the snowflake and sprinkled it all over!

Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts for Decoration

How you use your crafts is entirely up to you of course, but here are some suggestions on what you could use your lovely artwork for once made:

1. Use them for decorating Christmas cards

  • These can be made and then directly glued onto a blank card for a lovely personal Christmas card! The great thing about this is, that you can make lots at once, and is easy for little ones to actually make with a little bit of help.

2. Use them for Christmas tree decorations

  • For my cupcake liner Christmas crafts, I used a sparkly card to back them and then cut out around them to make them really ‘pop’. You could very easily add a hole using a hole punch, and then hang them on the tree using some pretty ribbons.

3. Use the for Window Decorations

  • Why not add them to your window so that they can be admired by passers-by! Showing children that you appreciate their artwork helps them grow in confidence, which is really important in early childhood development.

4. Use them as Gift Tags

  • You could add ribbons in the same way as you would if you were hanging them on the Christmas tree, but instead, use them for labeling Christmas gifts! It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your gift-giving.
christmas cupcake crafts for toddlers

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So there you have it, some really simple Cupcake Liner Christmas Crafts that are perfect for little ones this Christmas! Here’s the quick recap:

  1. Christmas Tree – using green cupcake liners and a custom made star
  2. Christmas Angel – using every part of the cupcake case to make a glowing angel
  3. Christmas Snowflake – a simple but very effective glistening snowflake with just a white paper case!

Louisa | Mum’s Creative Cupboard x

I hope you enjoyed Louisa’s 3 Easy Cup Cake Liner Christmas Crafts with your kids.
Don’t forget to leave a comment below and add a picture to let me know which one your kids liked best.
I would love to hear from you! Lil Tigers

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