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35 Best December Crafts for Kids

Here are the 35 Best December Crafts for kids.

Our list includes December craft ideas with paper plates, pinecones, paper plates, pom pom, snowman crafts, Ornament crafts, polar animal crafts, tree projects, and many more.

They are easy to set up and can be done by toddlers, preschoolers, and older children.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired.

best december quotes for kids

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10 December Puns for Kids

December can be cold and gray outside. Here are some funny December puns to brighten your day:

  1. Resting Grinch face.
  2. A Day To December
  3. You sleigh me.
  4. Your presents is requested.
  5. I will December you
  6. But wait—there’s myrrh.
  7. Hold on for deer life.
  8. Happy Decem-brrrr!
  9. The Christmas alphabet has noel.
  10. You must December this.

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Fun Month of December Facts for Kids

Before we get started with our December craft projects for kids, let’s learn a little bit about the month of December.

Here are some fascinating December facts for you:

  • December is the 12th month of the year and has 31 days
  • Originally December was the 10th month in the Roman calendar. Then the Romans added January and February which made December the 12th month of the year.
  • It is the first month of winter and the last month of the year.
  • With December often the weather changes and snow and cold weather can be expected.
  • The month of December is associated with Christmas.
  • December 4th is National Cookie Day.

Winter Books for Kids

After we learned some cool facts about the month of December you might like to read a matching book to your children.

Here are some great book recommendations on children’s winter books for you:

Join a brother and sister as they explore nature and take a stroll through their twinkling town, greeting all the signs of the coming season winter.

This colorful, rythmic ode to winter will show your children what makes this season so magical and fun!

Join the woodland animals during winter as they get ready to play snowy games in this peek-through counting book.

Read along and find out about how animals cope with winter in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture book.

With this teachers favorite, you can discover the wonder and activity that lies beneath winter s snowy landscape in this magical book.

35 Best DIY December Crafts for Kids

December is about to start and the weather is freezing outside.

Here are some easy crafts for December to do at home or in a group setting.

Our list of handmade December Crafts includes hedgehog, turkey, apple, leaf, and scarecrow crafts. You will find November printables and other December activities for kids.

To make it easier for you I will sort them by age:

  • Simple Toddler December Crafts
  • Preschool December Crafts
  • DIY Kindergarten Crafts for December

Let’s have a look at our December arts and crafts projects now.

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Easy December Crafts for Toddlers

Let’s start off with some simple toddler December craft projects.

Here are some great ideas for younger children!

Simple Toddler December Crafts

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Preschooler December Crafts

Preschoolers can be challenged to improve their motor skills. Try one of these December preschool crafts with them at home or in your classroom!

DIY December Crafts for Preschoolers

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DIY December Crafts for Kindergarten

Is your child already in Kindergarten? Then the following kindergarten December crafts are perfect for them:

Fun Kindergarten December Crafts

More December Crafts and Activities

Your kids are not the best crafters? No worries, here are some other December activities they might enjoy.

In case you are a visual learner, also get inspired by the following craft ideas for December:

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