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48 Best St. Nicholas Quotes, Sayings, and Wishes

Are you looking for inspiring St. Nicholas quotes? Then you are in the right place!

Here are 48 Best St. Nicholas Sayings for Kids including matching books and activities.

Let’s have a look!

St. Nicholas Quotes for Kids

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Interesting Saint Nicholas Facts

Before we get started with our St. Nicholas quotes for kids, let’s learn a little bit about Saint Nicholas.

Who Was Saint Nicholas

 St. Nicholas was the 4th-century bishop of Myra of Greek descent.

During his life, he became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

The Legend of St. Nicholas

Through the years many stories and legends have been told of St. Nicholas’ life and deeds.

The most popular legend tells of a widowed man with three daughters.

Since they were poor he didn’t have any dowry (valuables) to show for his daughters to be married. He was worried!

Mysteriously, on three different occasions, a bag of gold for their dowries appeared in their home.

It is said these bags full of gold were tossed through an open window and landed in stockings or shoes left before the fire to dry.

This led to the custom of children hanging stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas.

These and more facts about Saint Nicholas can be found here.

What is Saint Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day is the feast day of Saint Nicholas.

It is mostly celebrated by northwestern European countries every year on December 6th which marks Saint Nicholas’s anniversary of death.

How to Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day

On the night of December 5th, children in European countries place their shoes in front of their door to find them filled with apples, nuts, oranges, and small gifts if they were well behaving.

In many places, children use this opportunity to place letters for Santa or their wish list for Christmas in their shoes for St. Nicholas to pick up and pass on.

Saint Nicholas Books for Kids

After we learned some cool facts about Saint Nicholas you might like to read a matching book to your children.

Here are some great book recommendations on Saint Nicholas books for kids:

Many parents and teachers struggle with how to approach the Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus dilemma. Many deal with this by telling children that the legends surrounding Santa Claus are based on a real, historical figure named Nicholas, a Christian bishop known for his generosity. Learn all about it in this book.

“On the night before Christmas,
so the old stories say,
Saint Nicholas rides
in a magical sleigh.
But what is the truth,
and what are the legends?
Who is this giftgiver,
and why all the presents?”

Are you looking for a Christmas story that doesn’t forget the true meaning of the holiday? The Legend of St. Nicholas tells the story of a man who spent his life secretly helping the poor all over the world.

This book tells you about the authentic Santa Claus Nicholas, a man who found greatness not simply in spreading “good cheer,” but in being a true icon of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

This coloring book gets you and your kids in the mood for St Nicholas Day celebration, with 20 beautiful and original illustrations to color.

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48 Best St Nicholas Quotes for Kids

Now, that we learned about Saint Nicholas Day and the history behind it is time to start with our St. Nicholas Day quotes.

Our list of quotes about St Nicholas Day includes Saint Nicholas Day sayings for kids, adorable Saint Nicholas wishes, messages, and greetings, and our best quotes about St. Nicholas Day.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Saint Nicholas Day Sayings for Kids

Here are some of our favorite St. Nicholas sayings for kids:

  • Wishing you a very Happy St. Nicholas Day. May He fill your life with happiness and shoes with lots of gifts.
  • Sending warm wishes to you and your family on St. Nicholas Day.
  • I had no idea what St. Nicholas was going to send you on this special day. therefore, I am sending you lots of love, care, affection, and hugs to make this wonderful day all the more special for you. Wishing you a very Happy St. Nicholas Day.
  • Wishing that this Holiday Season, St. Nicholas sends you blessings of Love, Peace, and Happiness That stay everlastingly. Wishing you a Happy Saint Nicholas Day
  • It’s St. Nicholas Day and the Saint is here with heaps of Christmas cheer to wish you Merry Days ahead.
  • Wishing you and your family a very happy, blessed, and joyous St. Nicholas. May on this auspicious day, you are blessed with everything that you have ever desired in life. May God always bless you!
  • “The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic His giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.” – St. Nicholas of Myra
  • “Children, I beseech you to correct your hearts and thoughts, so that you may be pleasing to God. Consider that although we may reckon ourselves to be righteous and frequently succeed in deceiving men, we can conceal nothing from God. Let us therefore strive to preserve the holiness of our souls and to guard the purity of our bodies with all fervor. Ye are the temple of God, says the divine Apostle Paul; If any man defile the temple of God, he shall God destroy.” – St. Nicholas of Myra
  • “Jolly old Saint Nicholas, lean your ear this way: Don’t tell a single soul what I’m going to say…” – Unknown
  • “Don’t know what the saint will bring to you on Saint Nicholas day but I’m sending you a lot of hugs and warm wishes!” – Unknown
happy Saint Nicholas Day Quotes

Cute Saint Nicholas Day Wishes for Kids

Your kids will love the following cute Saint Nicholas wishes:

  • Hoping that St. Nicholas does his enchantment, to stuff your shoes with an entire parcel of blessings. Wishing you a Happy Saint Nicholas Day.
  • I wish that you and your family are today and always blessed with happiness health, harmony, and prosperity. May St. Nicholas bless you all with the best of everything. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you.
  • Wishing you and your family an exceptionally upbeat, favored, and glad St. Nicholas. May on this favorable day, you are honored with everything that you have ever wanted throughout everyday life.
  • I wish that you and your family are today and constantly honored with bliss and well-being, concordance and success, and fondness and fellowship. May St. Nicholas favor all of you with the best of everything. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you.
  • As I think of sending wishes to you on St. Nicholas Day, I wish to send you all my love and hugs, warmth, and wishes to you, my dear friend. May you have a wonderful time with your loved ones and may all your dreams come true.
  • As we celebrate the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, I pray that your life is filled with sweetness and eternal joy. May you have a blessed St. Nicholas with all the smiles and beautiful moments of happiness in your journey of life. God bless you!
  • My only wish on St. Nicholas Day is that you are showered with the choicest blessings. May you prosper with happiness, health, wealth, and glory as you celebrate this beautiful occasion. Sending warm wishes to you and your family on St. Nicholas Day.
  • On the auspicious occasion of St. Nicholas Day, my only wish for you is that you are blessed with everything that you have ever wished for, all the strength and vigor to reach your goals and always be successful in life. Have a blessed St. Nicholas Day!
  • I had no clue what St. Nicholas would send you on this uncommon day, in this way, I am sending you bunches of adoration, care, love, and embrace to make this superb day even more exceptional for you. Wishing you an extremely Happy St. Nicholas Day.
  • My only wish on St. Nicholas Day is that you are showered with the choicest blessings. May you prosper with happiness, health, wealth, and glory as you celebrate this beautiful occasion. Sending warm wishes to you and your family on Saint Nicholas Day.
happy saint nicholas day wishes

Best Saint Nicholas Day Messages and Greetings for Kids

How about these Saint Nicholas messages next?

best st nicholas quotes for kids
  • Wishing you an exceptionally Happy St. Nicholas Day. May he fill your existence with bliss and shoes with loads of blessings.
  • May the occasion of St. Nicholas Day be full of great joy and merriment for you and your family. May you be blessed with glorious moments of togetherness and harmony with your loved ones… Wishing you a very happy and blessed St. Nicholas Day.
  • As we celebrate the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, I pray that your life is filled with sweetness and eternal joy. May you have a blessed St. Nicholas with all the smiles and beautiful moments of happiness in your journey of life. God bless you!
  • Everybody adores St Nicholas, in light of the fact that St. Nicholas adores everyone.
  • Love does not consist of looking at one another, but in looking together in a similar way!
saint nicholas quotes for kids

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Best Quotes About Saint Nicholas

Time to check out our quotes about St. Nicholas.

  • “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” – Clement Clarke Moore
  • “Once again St. Nicholas Day Has even come to our hideaway; It won’t be quite as fun, I fear, As the happy day we had last year. Then we were hopeful, no reason to doubt That optimism would win the bout, And by the time this year came round, We’d all be free, and safe and sound. Still, let’s not forget it’s St. Nicholas Day, Though we’ve nothing left to give away. We’ll have to find something else to do: So everyone please look in their shoe!” – Anne Frank
  • “Never deny the babies their Christmas! It is the shining seal set upon, a year of happiness. Let them believe in Santa Claus or St. Nicholas; or Kriss Kringle, or whatever name the jolly Dutch saint bears in your religion.” – Mary Virginia Terhune
happy saint nicholas day greetings for kids

St Nicholas Quotes for Kids

Step into the enchanting world of Saint Nicholas, where the spirit of generosity and joy abounds. These 10 quotes are crafted just for kids, inviting them to embrace the magic and goodness embodied by the legendary figure of Saint Nicholas.

  • “St Nicholas’ laughter is the soundtrack of the season – spreading joy like snowflakes wherever he goes!”
  • “Ever wonder why St Nicholas’ favorite subject in school was ‘Sleigh’-gebra? Because he knows the math of giving is the best equation!”
  • “St Nicholas’ hat is more than just a fashion statement – it’s a symbol of how high his generosity and kindness reach!”
  • “If St Nicholas had a superpower, it would be the ability to turn frowns into festive smiles with just a twinkle of his eye!”
  • “Why does St Nicholas love winter? Because it’s the season of giving, and snowball fights with kindness are his favorite pastime!”
  • “St Nicholas believes in the magic of small acts of kindness – the kind that fits in stockings and warms hearts!”
  • “St Nicholas’ sleigh isn’t just powered by reindeer; it runs on the fuel of goodwill, joy, and a sprinkle of holiday wishes!”
  • “Santa Claus may deliver presents, but Saint Nicholas delivers the most precious gift – the gift of believing in the goodness of others.”
  • “St Nicholas’ advice for spreading cheer: If in doubt, add more tinsel and kindness to everything you do!”
  • “St Nicholas’ favorite bedtime story? The one where children dream big, believe in magic, and wake up to a world filled with love and giving.”

Saint Nicholas Quotes for Kids

Embark on a journey of wonder and kindness with these 10 delightful Saint Nicholas quotes tailored for kids, capturing the spirit of generosity and joy associated with the beloved figure of Saint Nicholas.

  • “Saint Nicholas believes in magic, kindness, and cookies – especially cookies!”
  • “In a world where you can be anything, be like Saint Nicholas – kind, generous, and really good at ho-ho-holding presents!”
  • “Saint Nicholas doesn’t just wear a red suit – he wears a heart full of kindness all year round!”
  • “The real magic isn’t in Santa’s sleigh; it’s in Saint Nicholas’ ability to make smiles appear like snowflakes.”
  • “Saint Nicholas teaches us that the best gifts can’t be wrapped – love, joy, and a sprinkle of holiday cheer!”
  • “Why does Saint Nicholas never get lost? Because he always follows the ‘star’ of kindness in his heart!”
  • “Saint Nicholas doesn’t check his list twice; he believes everyone deserves a second chance and a sleigh-full of forgiveness!”
  • “He’s not just Santa – he’s Saint Nicholas, the original festive friend who knows the true gift is giving from the heart.”
  • “Saint Nicholas knows that presents are fun, but the real joy is in giving and spreading warmth like a cozy holiday blanket.”
  • “In the book of kindness, Saint Nicholas is the jolliest chapter, reminding us that being good is the greatest gift of all!”

More Quotes

I also like to introduce you to the following quotes for kids:

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Easy Saint Nicholas Crafts and Winter Activities

After you are done with these inspiring St. Nicholas quotes and sayings for kids, go check out these fun winter activities next:

If you are a visual learner, also go check out Saint Nicholas Day traditions and make a matching card for our Saint Nick sayings for kids.

St. Nicholas FAQ’s

Did you enjoy our St. Nicholas Quotes for Kids? Then check out the following FAQs and see what others also like to know about St. Nicholas:

What Is the Motto of St. Nicholas?

St. Nicholas, being a historical figure and a Christian saint, doesn’t have a specific motto attributed to him. He is often associated with values such as generosity, compassion, and kindness.

While various stories and traditions highlight different aspects of St. Nicholas’s life, there isn’t a universally recognized motto for him.

What Do You Say on St. Nicholas Day?

On St. Nicholas Day, people often express good wishes and greetings associated with the spirit of generosity and kindness.

Since St. Nicholas is traditionally known for his acts of charity and gift-giving, it’s common to convey warm and positive messages.

Here are a few examples of what you might say on St. Nicholas Day:

  • “Happy St. Nicholas Day!”
  • “Wishing you a day filled with joy, kindness, and the spirit of giving.”
  • “May St. Nicholas bring you blessings, love, and good cheer on this special day.”
  • “On St. Nicholas Day, may your heart be as generous as his, and may you experience the joy of giving.”
  • “May the spirit of St. Nicholas fill your home with warmth and happiness today and always.”
  • “Sending you St. Nicholas Day blessings of love, peace, and goodwill.”
  • “May your day be touched with the magic of St. Nicholas and the joy of sharing.”

Feel free to personalize your messages based on your relationship with the person and the traditions you follow. St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in various ways around the world, and greetings can vary depending on cultural practices and individual preferences.

St. Nicholas Day Prayers

In this heartfelt prayer, we seek the intercession of St. Nicholas, asking for guidance in embodying the spirit of generosity and love that defined his life.

  • “O St. Nicholas, generous and kind, On this special day, we pray you find, Blessings for those both near and far, Like you, may we shine as a guiding star. Teach us to give with open hearts, And in your spirit, may we play our parts. Amen.” Unknown
  • “St. Nicholas, friend of the young and old, Your story of love and grace is told. On this day of joy and delight, Help us to share and spread your light. Bless our homes with warmth and cheer, And may your spirit linger near. Amen.” – Unknown
  • St. Nicholas, patron saint so dear, On this day, your memory we revere. Bless us with kindness, joy, and grace, As we strive to follow in your loving embrace. May our hearts be open, our actions be just, In your example, we place our trust. Amen.

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