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75 Best Bee Quotes and Inspirational Bee Sayings

Are you looking for fun Bee Quotes?

Here are 75+ motivational bee sayings, phrases, and captions. Let’s dive right in and get inspired!

bee quotes and sayings

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6 Cool Honey Bee Facts

But before we get started with our fun bee quotes of the day let’s learn a little bit about these fascinating insects.

Here are 6 fun facts about honey bees for you:

  1. Bees have 5 eyes and 6 legs.
  2. Honey bees live in large groups called colonies.
  3. An average beehive can hold approximately 50,000 bees.
  4. Honey bees harvest pollen and nectar from flowering plants.
  5. Male bees, called drones, do not have a stinger.
  6. Worker bees are females.

Have you got curious? You can find these and more facts about bees here.

Bee Books for Kids

Bees are captivating for sure. If you would like to learn more about them, look at these great bee books.

In case your children prefer stories, I also added an excellent bee story for you. Happy reading!

In this charming picture book from national geographic, curious little kids will learn all about the bustling world of honeybees and the important role they play in our delicate ecosystem.

When the Magic School Bus turns into a beehive, Ms. Frizzle’s class learns firsthand about how workers, drones, and the queen bees live together.

Fun Board Book Teaches Kids Ages 2-5 about Bees, Exploring a Hive with Each Page Turn, plus Educational Facts and Vocabulary Words.

Bzzz! Learn all about honey bees in the next pre-reader from National Geographic Kids!

Save the Bees tells the story of three friends working together to make Clover’s pollination route easier!

75 Best Bee Quotes

Time for our phrases about bees.
You will find funny bee sayings, bee captions, bee lines, inspirational bee quotes, bees and flower quotes, and more.

Here are our Best Bee Quotes for you:

Catchy Bee Phrases, Sayings, and Captions

  • Bee power.
  • Hive mind.
  • Watch out for the swarm.
  • In search of nectar.
  • What’s the buzz?
  • Whatever you bee-lieve, you can achieve.
  • Don’t mess with my hive.
  • Lookin’ out for my hive.
  • My happy hive.
  • Busy little bee.
  • Bee-lieve you can!
best bee quotes for kids

Catchin’ up on the buzz.

cute bee sayings for kids
  • Queen bee to be.
  • Work hard for your honey.
  • Love pretty flowers? Thank a bee.
  • Feelin’ the buzz.
  • Queen bee in training.
  • Be buzzy like a bee.
  • Queen of the hive.
  • Shine like a bee.

Life Bee Quotes

  • Bees work hard for the honey.
  • Bees don’t have time for grudges.
  • It takes a hive of bees to make a pot of honey.
  • Proud to bee part of this colony.
  • Bees make the garden produce.
  • Bees are a sign that life will find a way.
  • The busy bee has no time for sorrow.
  • I’m just glad to be part of the hive.
  • Bees unlock the mystery of nature.

Home is where the hive is.

best bee phrases

Inspirational Bee Quotes

  • Bees are nature’s magicians.
  • BEE the friend you would like to find!
  • Love where you live with the passion of a bee.
  • Bees create nature’s superfood.
  • Always BEE cool!
  • Bees may be small, but they are mighty.
  • Where wildflowers are planted, bees will follow.
  • Bee thankful, bee positive, bee cool, but most of all… bee kind!
  • Through bees and plants, all things are possible.
  • Bee happy!

Bee-lieve in yourself!

inspirational bee quotes
  • Believe in yourself with the confidence of a honeybee and you will accomplish all of your dreams.
  • Bees don’t know they are small, so they do great things.
  • Bees signal the arrival of spring.
bee sayings for kids

Bee Honey Quotes

  • There’s no such thing as easy honey.
  • Bees have the power to turn nectar into honey.
  • A swarm of bees means more honey for me.
  • Bees create honey, which makes nature even sweeter.
  • A sting is but a small price to pay for honey.

Honey is the sweetest harvest.

Bee Honey Quotes

Funny Bee Sayings and Short Bee Phrases

  • What do you call a bee that misses its target? A fumble bee.
  • What kind of bee can’t make up his mind? A Maybe.
  • When it comes to bees, size doesn’t matter.
  • What did the bee say when it won the lottery? We’re in the honey!
  • How do you describe a dive-bombing bee? Bee aggressive, be aggressive.
  • What do you call a bee with a muffled buzz? A mumble bee.
  • What is a bee’s favorite date? Going to the symp-honey.
  • Words are like bees – some create honey, and others leave a sting.
  • Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.
  • Focus on you like a busy little bee; then you won’t have time to worry about me.

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It’s great to BEE your friend!

catchy bee phrases
  • Let it bee!
  • Busy as a BEE.
  • Queen-BEE.
quotes about bees

Bee Quotes About Love

  • Bee mine!
  • Bee my Valentine!
  • I love BEE-ing with you!
  • You are un-BEE-lievably cute!
  • Bee-you-tiful.
  • Sweet as you can BEE!
  • Express love as freely as bees love to buzz.
  • Hovering makes the heart grow fonder.
Bee Quotes About Love

We BEE-long together!

bee phrases

Instead of buying a card for them, go check out our Bee Templates and make your own DIY card for your quotes on bees.

To find more quotes for kids go check out our full list of different seasons, occasions, and holiday quotes here.

Visual learners feel free to check out our bee quote video:

Bee Activities

Our cute bee quotes can be used in many ways. They can be used for school lunches, during spring, on Valentine’s Day, or while learning about insects.

There are so many different opportunities to use these cute bee captions.

If these bee phrases motivated you to do more, then check out these fun bee art and craft projects next:

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