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How to Make a DIY Baby Yoda Goodie Bag

This easy Baby Yoda Craft is perfect for kids who love Star Wars! Simply print our free Baby Yoda template and make with the help of a few art supplies your own Baby Yoda Goodie Bag.

DIY Baby Yoda Goodie Bag

Easy Baby Yoda Craft

Baby Yoda has got to be one of the cutest characters that ever came out of the Star Wars production. So why not make him the star of Star Wars Day on May 4th this year? 

Your kids would love making their own Baby Yoda Goodie Bag Topper to show off to their friends at lunchtime. 

So let’s get started on this adorable Star Wars craft!

How to Make Your Own Baby Yoda Goodie Bag

Here is what you will need to make this adorable Baby Yoda craft project:

Baby Yoda Goodie Bag Materials

free printable baby yoda template


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Yoda Goodie Bag Instruction

These step-by-step instructions are here to help you visualize how to make this Baby Yoda papercraft.

Step 1: Print out your Baby Yoda Craft Template

Print out the Baby Yoda Goodie Bag Topper on copy paper.

Step 2: Cut your free Baby Yoda printable

Cut out all the pieces of your Baby Yoda DIY. 

Baby Yoda Paper Craft

Step 3: Attach Baby Yoda collar

Glue Baby Yoda’s brown collar in the center.

star wars craft for kids

Step 4: Glue Baby Yoda’s Ears

Afterward, glue the pink shapes on top of Baby Yoda’s green ears.

Baby yoda craft for kids

Step 5: Start with Baby Yoda’s head

Next glue Baby Yoda’s head over his brown collar. 

DIY Baby Yoda Craft

Step 6: Attach Baby Yoda’s ears

After step 5 is completed glue Baby Yoda’s ears behind the head. 

Baby Yoda Goodie Bag Topper

Step 7: Finish the Baby Yoda Goodie Bag

Now your Baby Yoda is ready to stick on top of the brown lunch bag!

Baby Yoda DIY

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TA-DA!! Baby Yoda is ready to bring smiles to your kids’ lunchtime! 

If you don’t have access to a color printer, no worries! We’ve included an easy Baby Yoda template that you can print out on colored paper, and also a printable Baby Yoda Coloring Page ready to color for your littles. 

Instead of using your Baby Yoda printable for your Star Wars Goodie Bag simply attach your DIY Baby Yoda on the other end of your goodie bag and you have an adorable Baby Yoda Puppet to play with.

I hope you and your kids enjoy making this fun and easy paper craft together! May the 4th be with you and your family! 

I would love to see how your Baby Yoda Goodie Bag Topper turns out! If you are on Instagram, please tag me @thishenmama. Have fun crafting and creating! 

How to Download Your Free Printable Baby Yoda Template

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Easy Baby Yoda Craft

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