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Free Printable Mason Jar Templates

Our free printable Mason Jar Template Printable Outlines are perfect for arts and crafts projects all year round.

Since they come in different sizes they are suitable for various projects and difficult levels for children pre-k and up.

Let’s dive right in and get inspired by our mason jar printables and 6 easy jar craft ideas!

free printable Mason Jar Templates

Free Mason Jar Template Printables

Our mason jar outlines come in small, medium, and large. They are very popular, especially during the summer.

We use them for mason jar art and craft projects, or even teaching the letter M.

Mason Jar Cut Out Materials

First, we should have a look at what you will need for our mason jar art and craft projects. Here is a short list of supplies you will need for our templates of mason jars.

Do you need advice on How to Introduce Crafting to your Preschooler? Then read our 10 tips that work next.

6 Easy Mason Jar Crafts

As you can see our free mason jar template printables can be used in many different ways, or for different occasions.

They are great for crafting at home, in the classroom setting, or as an add-on to your homeschool curriculum.

Here are several ideas for our mason jar outlines. I hope you get inspired!

Here are 6 Easy Mason Jar Crafts to keep your kids entertained:

  1. Mason Jar Coloring Pages
  2. Mason Jar Stencils
  3. Jar Bug Craft
  4. Mother’s Day Card
  5. Mason Jar Firefly Art
  6. Halloween Jar Craft

1. Mason Jar Coloring Pages

As mentioned above, the possibilities for our mason jar cutout printables are endless.

The easiest way of using them is as coloring pages. Especially our large mason jar template makes an adorable jar coloring page for preschoolers.

The bigger the coloring picture is the easier it will be for younger children to stay inside the lines. To make it more difficult, choose one of our smaller templates for older children.

free printable Mason Jar coloring page

2. Mason Jar Stencils

Often we use the medium and small printables as mason jar craft templates. They are great for preschool mason jar crafts stencils.

Using these super simple mason jar templates as stencils is pretty easy.

Choose the preferred size of jars, print them, and cut them out. Then there are different techniques on how to use them as stencils.

We personally love the Toothbrush Painting Technique. With help of an old toothbrush, you can create the most fun art projects. You can find a full step-by-step tutorial at the link above.

Go check it out!

3. Easy Jar Bug Craft

This fun fingerprint mason jar craft is adorable and pretty simple. It is perfect for toddlers as well as older children.

As shown in the picture you can create different bugs for your mason jar template with your fingertips.

It is such a fun hands-on activity and suitable for the classroom or to do at home. I mean which toddler doesn’t like to get his fingers dirty?

fingerprint bugs

Did you enjoy our Firefly template printables? You might also enjoy one of our other printables.
For example, go check out our Ladybug Templates and Bee Printables.
Do you prefer to craft with real mason jars the next time? Then our Christmas Glitter Jar or Turkey Mason Jar is perfect for you.

4. Mother’s Day Card

But you can also use our adorable mason jar printables as Mother’s Day cards. I recommend using our medium-sized templates for this activity.

First, you print and cut it out. Color your jar and glue it on the lower bottom of a nice sheet of paper. Afterward, make some adorable flowers and add them to your mason jar.

At last, you should add a nice Mother’s Day Message to your card. If you click on the link you will be able to see our 25 Cute Mother’s day Sayings from Kids. They are a perfect match for your mason jar project.

Pretty simple isn’t it?

mason jar card for mothers day

5. Mason Jar Firefly Art

Our large mason jar template goes really well with creating a firefly art project. Like the beloved activity in the summertime “catching fireflies in a jar” you create an art project out of it.

Print our large mason jar printable and color, paint, or glue fireflies into your jar. If you do not like to paint or draw them, go check out Firefly Templates and use them for your jar art project.

firefly mason jar project

6. Halloween Jar Craft

Last but not least, why not make a Halloween craft out of our printable mason jar coloring page? Add a spooky Halloween message and add some spooky Halloween creatures.

You could also make an invitation out of it. Simply be creative!

Happy crafting!

Halloween jar craft

If you are a visual learner, this video shows you how to use our mason jar as a stencil and create this adorable string art out of it. Enjoy!

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Now it is your turn.
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