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Free Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Printables

Our free Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Printables come in three different variations and are perfect for Valentin’s day school fundraisers.

Let’s dive right in and find out how candy grams work for Valentine’s day and what you will need for your easy Valentine’s day candy gram idea.

Valentine's day candy grams printables

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What are Candy Grams for Valentine’s Day

Candy Grams for Valentine’s Day are prepared boxes or bags of candy delivered with Valentine’s greeting cards. Candy Grams are a great way to raise funds for your school, sports team, club, or other organizations.

How to Organize a Candy Gram

To organize a candy gram you will need a lot of candy gram message printouts and candies of your choosing. Prepare little bags of candy for your fundraiser ahead of time. Then sell your candy gram messages.

Make sure to have your buyers fill out their name, the recipient, and a message if preferred.
Now all you have to do is attach the messages to your candy bags and deliver them to the recipients. Pretty easy isn’t it?

What Are Good Candies for Candy Grams?

Normally candy grams are small bags of candy. Therefore smaller sized candy works better. Here are a couple of candy options for candy grams:

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Free Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Printables

Candy grams are especially popular during Valentine’s Day. It is a great fundraiser and you as parents don’t have to prepare any Valentine’s Day treats for classmates and friends. Here a short instructions on how it works:

Valentine’s Candy Gram Cut Out Materials

To prepare your own Valentine’s Day candy gram fundraiser you will need the following supplies:

Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Instruction

  1. Choose one of our Valentine’s Day candy gram ideas above.
  2. Print them and cut them out (you will need many of them).
  3. Prepare candy gram bags.
  4. Sell Valentine’s Day candy gram messages ahead of time and have them filled out.
  5. Attach them to your Valentine’s gram bags.
  6. Have your candy grams delivered on Valentine’s Day

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Now it is your turn.
How did everyone enjoy their candy grams for Valentine’s Day? Which Vday candy gram template did you use?
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Tuesday 23rd of January 2024

Where do I get the printable for the candy grams?

Lil Tigers

Monday 29th of January 2024

Dear Maureen, I just send them to you. I hope you enjoy your free printables!