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Free Easter Egg Outline Printables

Get our Free Easter Egg Outline Printables including Easter egg templates in three different sizes and several Easter egg coloring pages. Let’s dive right in and get inspired!

easter egg outlines

5 Fun Egg Facts for Kids

Let’s start our spring craft projects with some good-to-know information about eggs. Here are 5 fascinating egg facts for kids:

  1. The egg white is called albumen and is the cushion for the chicken and keeps it warm.
  2. The ostrich lays the biggest egg in the world.
  3. How thick an eggshell is will depend on the age of the laying hen.
  4. The yolk and the whites have the same amount of protein.
  5. All eggs are hormone-free.

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Free Easter Egg Outlines in Small, Medium, and Large

Our outlines of Easter eggs come in small, medium, and large and are perfect for any type of Spring and Easter project.

They are especially good to use for coloring, crafting, and decorating your house for the new season and can be added to any chicken curriculum.

Our Easter templates can be used in many different ways and settings. They are great for crafting at home and in the classroom and make the perfect addition to your studies about chicken.

I also added a view of fun coloring pages of eggs your children will enjoy. Do not forget to add our adorable Easter chick templates. They are the perfect match!

Small Printable Easter Egg Templates

Our small printables are the perfect Easter egg stencils. They also can be used as name tags for Easter gifts.

If you consider using them as stencils, here are some great art techniques you could use them with. For example, try our fun pencil eraser technique and create nice chicken art drawings with it.

If you need more painting ideas for your kids, go check our full list of 20 Fun Painting Techniques for Kids.

Medium Template of Easter Eggs

The medium-sized outline eggs are perfect for Easter invitations or Easter cards. Simply print them out on colored paper, cut them, and write your text on one side.

You even can decorate nicely with craft supplies such as stickers, glitter, pom poms, etc.

Here are four cute Easter invitation quotes to use for your Easter egg hunt or Easter brunch invitations:

  1. Hop on over and join us for Brunch!
  2. (Host) invites you all chicken and bunnies for a…
  3. Hop on over for some fun! We’ll look to have an egg hunt when we are done!
  4. Bunnies, baskets, and lunch. Followed by our ever-so-famous Easter Egg Hunt

Large Easter Egg Outline

Our large Easter egg cut out is perfect for any toddler, preschool, or Kindergartener coloring activity. Use our plain printable and let your children draw their own patterns on them. You will be surprised how nice they turn out.

Give everyone their own templates of eggs and try different paints and techniques. They will have a lot of fun!

Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Our egg outlines also come with extra Easter egg colouring pages for you. I made several large egg pages and one with nine smaller ones on one page.

The larger coloring pages of Easter eggs are for younger children and the egg sheet with nine smaller eggs is for older children.

My children enjoyed all of them. They created a nice calming environment in our house. Afterward, we decided to decorate some real eggs and used our coloring pages as design templates.

If you want to try something new instead we also love dying Easter eggs with shaving cream. You should give it a try. Another fun egg activity is painting with eggs. Go check it out here and get inspired!

Easter egg outline printables

Do you enjoy our free Easter egg outlines? Then try one of our other Easter activities next. How about this great Easter Word Search Puzzle, or Easter Worksheets. You might enjoy our Easter Chick Template, Cute Bunny Quotes, Letters from the Easter Bunny, or DIY Easter Chicken Crafts.

Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Our Easter Egg Outline Templates are perfect for all kinds of Easter arts and crafts projects. Here are some great ideas you can use our egg printables for. Let’s have a look here.

easter egg crafts
  1. Egg House Craft
  2. Easter Egg Art
  3. Egg Doily Craft
  4. Watercolor Egg Art
  5. Water-resistant Egg Craft

Egg House Craft

Want to do something unique with our egg templates, then check out this adorable egg house craft, instead of buying a craft foam in egg shape as asked in the instructions.

Simply print out our large printable egg outline and use it as an egg stencil on your colored foam. This way you can create your own foam egg shape for lower costs.

Easter Egg Art

If you prefer to create an Easter egg art piece, go check out this fun tutorial above. The magic ingredient here is black glue, combined with the water resistance technique. It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Egg Doily Craft

Those doily Easter eggs are pretty stunning and make a nice Easter table decoration. With the help of doily paper and colorful markers, they are treated in a few minutes and even smaller children can participate. It even makes a nice Easter classroom project. Give it a try.

Watercolor Egg Art

If you do not have doily paper or black glue at home and do not want to run to the store, try this watercolor Easter egg project instead.

With the help of stickers, you can create adorable Easter egg patterns. Simply use our egg cutouts, transfer them to watercolor paper, and start crafting.

Water-resistant Egg Craft

Have you ever wondered what to use white crayons for? Let me show you. You can use them to write secret messages or make these adorable egg art pieces.

Since crayons are water-resistant you can create the most adorable Easter egg patterns. Check out how it works and the knowledge behind it here in our link.

free printable easter egg templates

If you are a visual learner, you might enjoy these Easter egg crafts instead!

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