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Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Kids – All About Mom Printable

Are you looking for an adorable free printable Mother’s Day card to make with kids?

You are at the right place. Our Mother’s Day card makes the perfect gift for moms.

Take a look here!

Adorable Free Printable Mother's Day Card to Make with Kids

Adorable Mother’s Day Questionnaire Printable

Nothing says more “I love you” than a handmade Mother’s Day card. Our free printable Mother’s Day questionnaire makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and is even possible last minute!

This easy Mother’s Day card is definitely an adorable keepsake and makes a great memory.

Years from now it will show your kid’s handwriting and honest thoughts. This makes this DIY Mother’s Day card so special and every mom will love them!

If you are tired of gifting flowers this heart Nail Art activity might be the perfect daddy and me project for Mother’s Day, 15 Fun Mother’s Day Craft Ideas, Happy Mother’s Day Messages for Grandma, make an adorable card out of this Flower Pot Templates, or how about this Questionnaire for Grandma?

All About Mom Printable Supplies

  • free Printable All About Mom Worksheet (found below)
  • pencil
  • crayons or colorful markers
  • a picture of you and your mom
  • glue
  • stickers (optional)

How to Use Your Mommy Questionnaire

This preschool mommy questionnaire is so much fun. First, get your free questionnaire for Mom and print it out. Then get a pencil, some markers, a picture of you and your mom, and maybe some stickers.

Now let your children fill out all questions about mom. If they are still too little to write, please do so for them or assist if necessary.

Afterward, glue the picture of you and your mom into the heart. If you do not have a picture it is not a big deal. Simply let them draw a family picture or decorate this fun questionnaire about mom nicely.

You could also add a short Mother’s Day poem to your Mother’s Day printable. Go check out one of our many Mother’s day poems from kids here.

By the way, help Dad out and print this free Mother’s Day card template for him and the kids.

Mother’s Day Facts for Kids

Use our Mother’s Day questions and implement them in your Mother’s Day curriculum. Your children may wonder why we celebrate Mother’s day. Here are some Facts About Mother’s Day for Kids.

  • Mother’s Day is a holiday to celebrate mothers all around the world
  • It was founded in 1908 in the United States of America
  • Not every country celebrates it on the same day. In America, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

Here is a short video I like to feature about Mother’s Day facts for kids:

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